Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Lady of The Presentation - Overland

I hope everyone had a good Divine Mercy Sunday!  Did we all remember to get our plenary indulgence for the day?  I forgot.  sigh.

For Mass today, I had planned on going to St. Clement, because clemency is like mercy, but I discovered Our Lady of the Presentation had pancakes.  Change of plans!  I attended the 11 am Mass on Aprill 11.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Father M as I thought he was at a different parish.  He's really great.  He blessed Jake when Jake was really sick and he has a dog named Brother Tobias.  Is that not cool?

Our Lady of the Presentation reminds me of St. Mary and Joseph and St. Michael architecturally.  The present church was built in 1947 according to the cornerstone.  The sanctuary was beautifully decorated for Easter.

The music was accompanied by an organ.  The choir sat to the front on the side.
Opening Song:  Alleluia No. 1
Offertory:  Easter Hymn Medley (yes...a medley of Easter themed hymns....)
Communion:  Behold the Lamb
Recessional:  Sing of the Lord's Goodness

Father used Penitential Rite B, the one with the response "And Grant Us Your Salvation".  It's used so infrequently that he said it that it took a moment for everyone to respond.  Since we are in the Easter season, Father sprinkled everyone with Holy Water during the Glory to God.  Father also reminded everyone to bow during the Creed.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells at the Consecration.  After Communion, the parish prayed the Anima Christi.

Father's homily was excellent.  Father started off discussing why John mentioned it was the first day of the week.  It's because it is a new creation, a new creation with the risen Jesus.  The apostles were locked in the upper room by their fear and their guilt.  This is why Jesus said "Peace Be With You" It was to let them know that he forgave them and he didn't give up on them.  He showed his wounds because that is what sin did.  Jesus loves us in spite of sin.  Jesus doesn't give up on us or the apostles who were hiding. It was important to Jesus to know this peace.  What do we do to lock out Jesus?  No matter what we do, Jesus still wants us.  This is God's amazing grace.  (sorry if this doesn't do was a really well organized homily...I was really sleepy...I'm blaming the pancakes...)

This was a very lovely parish and the people were really nice.


Our Lady of the Presentation

"O Lord, I have loved the beauty of Thy House"

View From the Back Pew!

Stained Glass Windows
Above Choir Loft
Marian themed

Closer View of the Windows
Our Lady of Guadalupe (?) is in the center.
The Birth of Jesus and the Presentation in the Temple are on the side.

I don't think I've ever seen a cross with circles on it like this.
One circle is a moon with stars.
Another is a shepherd's crook.

Baptismal Font

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Infant Jesus of Prague

The Eighth Station:
Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Saint Devotional Area
From left to right
St. Anne, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Teresa (little flower I think), St. Francis Cabrini

On the benefits of looking up.
I totally missed this until coming back from Communion, I looked up.
Happily, Our Lady of the Presentation is blessed with a seminarian (in a cassock) who
was more than happy to translate this for me.
"Now Dismiss Your Servant O Lord"
"My Eyes have seen Your Salvation"
According to seminarian Z, this is said in the Church's night prayer.
He suspects the crest might be St. Louis IX

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