Friday, April 2, 2010

Chrism Mass- Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

On Holy Thursday, the Archdiocese of St. Louis holds the Mass of Chrism, a Mass in which the Sacred Oils, such as the Chrism, are blessed and consecrated.  Additionally, at this Mass, the priests of the Archdiocese renew their commitment to the priesthood.

I have never been to the Chrism Mass so I was really excited.  I also took Mark from Rome of the West along.

Any big event at the Cathedral causes traffic in the Central West End to snag up.  It was awful.  Then there is the challenge of parking.  I managed to find a parking spot a block up and over, across from nursing care center of some kind.  It was the first time I have successfully parallel parked the Vibe.  We arrived at the Cathedral about 30 minutes before the Mass started.  It was already nearly full.  I managed to find us seats.  Mark has been sick, so he kept having to go outside and cough.  His spot was nearly poached 3-4 times.

View From a Pew!
All those empty pews are for priests.

The music for the Mass was lovely.
Prelude:  Prayer, The King of Love My Shepherd Is, O Lamb of God, Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep, Prelude, Draw Us In the Spirit's Tether, Requiem, Grant Us Into Thy Peace, O Lord
Procession: Procession, Lord You Give the Great Commission
Introit for Chrism Mass
Kyrie:  In Greek, chanted Mode XVIII (I have no idea what this means FYI)
Gloria: Glory to God by Peter Jones 
Procession of the Oils and Gifts: O Redeemer
Holy Holy, Holy, the Memorial Acclamation, and the Amen: Mass for the City by Richard Proulx
Lamb of God: Missa de Angelis (yup, that's Latin) Chant Mode VIII
Communion: Love is His Word, No Greater Love, Panis Angelicus, Ave Verum Corpus
Recessional: Lift High the Cross

The Mass:
Entrance Procession: Seminarians, Gospel

Transitional Deacons
(Soon to be priests!)

Permanent Deacons

(The cute young ones were in the back :) )

Priests renewing their commitment.

Presenting the Sacred Oils to the Archbishop

The Three Oils:
Oil of the Sick, Sacred Chrism and Oil of Catechumens

Consecrating the Oils
The Archbishop then breathes on the Sacred Chrism after pouring Balsam into it.

It was a really awesome Mass.  I wish more of the pictures came out for you.  I'd recommend you go if you get a chance!

Oh guess you want to be about the homily!  Archbishop Carlson gave the homily.  When Jesus came out of the desert, He was on fire for the ministry ahead.  St. John Chrysostom explained that Christ sets us free from the slavery of sin.  Archbishop Carlson then briefly explained what the sacred oils were and how they were used.  He then moved on to how the Church needs holy priests.  Priests must walk the path of holiness in order to show others the way.  He then ended with a quote from St. Polycarp about how people shouldn't see the priest on the altar, they should see Christ.

Ceiling from my seat

Choir Loft

Part of the Creation Mosaic.
The best part if you ask me :)
Well the planets on the other side are cool.

Mosaics you could see from my seat.

The Eighth Station:  Jesus Speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

Pictures from Rome of the West
Older Visit to the New Cathedral

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