Monday, April 12, 2010

Catholic Newman Center UMSL

Hey guess what everybody?  I'm doing a Busy Person's Retreat this week at the Catholic Newman Center at UM-St. Louis. (Why of course I'm going to blog it!)  So even though I went to Mass at Our Lady of the Presentation this morning, I went again with my fellow students.

It was totally awesome to be back "home".  In case you missed it, I've been a little unsettled about this Church hopping and was starting to get cranky (-er).  Going to the CNC Mass was just the ticket :)

The music (played by the always awesome D. M.)
Opening:  Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
Gloria:  St. Louis Jesuits
Offertory:  We Walk By Faith
Sanctus and Acclamation:  Mendoza, Breath of Salvation
Lamb of God: Matt Maher (the Echo One)
Communion:  As One Unknown
Closing:  Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow

Father B was his usual awesome self (I so missed him...).  I did notice he was wearing new white vestments which were very nice and festive.  He got them for his silver (25!) ordination anniversary in December.  WOOT!

The Gospel Question:  What Was Jesus' Favorite Occupation After the Resurrection? (I know!  Magician! )

Father B started off with how it was the little things that jumped out at him when reading the Gospel.  The apostles were behind locked doors removed from everything.  It was more than doors that were keeping the apostles locked away and removed.  Jesus' 2nd career was a locksmith (rats. so close...).  Jesus appears to us no matter what.  This is the Divine Mercy; to set us free of things that lock us up.  Jesus forgives us no matter what.  When Jesus says "Peace" and shows His Wounds, He means we are forgiven, that it is okay.  We are not sinners but rather forgiven sinners.  God needs us not to be stuck; needs us to go forth.  You and I are called to be locksmiths for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Chapel Exterior
I have been experimenting with different photography techniques.
It is hard for me to get a picture of the chapel because the space is so tight, the tower so tall
and my camera so small.
I've been taking pictures through crystal balls.  So this is the exterior entrance to the chapel
taken through a crystal ball.

View From the Back Pew
Decorated for Easter!

Easter Candle
I love this Easter Candle.
It's blue!
It has planets and stars on it.
Kind of like a light creation theme.

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