Sunday, April 25, 2010

Church of the Good Shepherd - Hillsboro

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday!

For today's visit I attended the 11 am Mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Hillsboro, which is a more rural area of the archdiocese.  Mass was packed as in standing room only and there still wasn't enough room.  The church is really cute and was nicely decorated.

Before Mass, Father asked us to turn off cell phones and other devices so that we could properly focus.  He then talked about how there could be people in the Church who needed a welcome or a friendly hello, so then we all greeted our neighbors.

The music was accompanied by the organ with the choir and the organ in the loft.
Entrance Song:  Let Heaven Rejoice
Gloria:  Mass of Light
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 23 by Carey Landry (Uhm...the missal reports today was supposed to be Psalm 100)
Presentation of the Gifts:  Our God Reigns (I heard this on XM right before Mass!)
Holy, Holy, Holy:  St. Louis Jesuits
Memorial Acclamation:  Verse 3 and the Refrain from Let Heaven Rejoice (Is this allowed?  Really?)
Amen:  St. Louis Jesuits
Lamb of God:  Peace I Leave Medley
Communion:  Shepherd Me, O God and Worthy is the Lamb
Recessional Song:  Behold the Glory of God (to the tune of Lift Up Your Hearts)

This Mass had a Children's Liturgy of the Word.  Father said a prayer over the children and as they left, the congregation sang "Children, Go to hear God's Word" (What do the adults get to hear?) and "Children, Go to hear Good News!" (Oh no, the homily is going to be bad news...Father's going to ask for money I bet....) The children processed out with the Sacramentary (which did return).  When the children came back, they had made cotton ball sheep on green construction paper. Now this has been a recurring theme on the blog about Children's Liturgy of the Word.  I'm still not buying that it is anymore than glorified arts and crafts time and this just emphasizes my point.

Father's homily was about how we hear His Voice and how sometimes, it is difficult to hear this Voice because of all the other competing voices.  The Voice says "I Love You, I'm With You, and How Are You Doing?"  The voice isn't demanding ( it's the devil demanding I work on my dissertation...good to know.) We know the voice when we hear it.  Sometimes we've been that voice.  "Pretty Wild"  The challenge is to listen to the Shepherd's Voice.  He will always find us; always gentle, never demanding, inviting us to something deeper.  It is the one true voice of real love.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells at the Consecration.  Father encouraged us to hold hands at the Our Father.

Good Shepherd seems like a nice, active parish.

Good Shepherd Church
It was built in 1934.


Painting of the Good Shepherd on the School.

View From the Back Pew!

Saints' Corner
St. Jude, St. Francis, Mary, St. Teresa, Infant of Prague
Oh and the Black Madonna on the wall.
I think the saints used to be on the shelves that line walls of the nave,
which currently hold vases of flower.

St. John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.
I think this is the first statue I've seen of this.
It's on top the Holy Oils.

Statue of Risen Jesus
This is a first time I've seen a statue like this as well!

The Eighth Station:
Jesus Meet the Holy Women

Risen Jesus Stained Glass Window

Ascension of Jesus

Jesus, The Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd Website

FYI:  It's time for the Annual Catholic Appeal.  The Archdiocese wants your monies for silly things like education, the seminary, the Newman Centers, and other stuff.  You should give them your monies :) Find more here.


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