Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Memphis TN

Other people go to Memphis to Graceland.  I went and saw churches.

So one of the reasons I have quit going to Mass is that I feel like I don't belong and I don't fit in.  What happened at this church on Sunday really emphasized that feeling.

I'm not from Memphis.  I'm not a parishoner.  I pull up to Church and for some reason don't see the main door.  I do see a bunch of people going in the side door.  No problem.  I'll just follow them.  I end up in a hall of some sort.  I see a deacon (gray shirt with collar...)  I ask him how to find the Church.  He asked me "Why do you want to know where the Church is?"  Uhm.  I'm sorry.  I thought it was pretty obvious.  Mass. (Yes I lied.  What was I supposed to say?  I'm going to take pictures and then snark about it?).  He finally did give me directions but I was floored.  I had heard they were hostile to Catholics in the South but I didn't think they were hostile to Catholics in the Catholic Church...although given some of the comments on blogs and how some parishes interact, perhaps I shouldn't be so floored.  Let's just say that to get me to stay in the Church for Mass would have required the Holy Spirit to come sit on me after that.

The Knights of Columbus were there for First Communion.  One of them was really nice and gave me a quick tour of the Church.

View From the Back Pew

Side Altars
That would be St. Louis there on the right.

Hey It's Painted Organ Pipes...
It must be a German thing.

Stained Glass:  I'll give you 3 guess as to what company made the windows but if you are from St. Louis you should only need 1.  They came to Memphis on paddle boats!


Pope Pius X

The Prodigal Son...
This was in a cry room so the angle is funky.


I don't know who this is.  The Scroll says:
Pot?? Decuit Ergo Facit

Mary at the Temple

Marriage of Mary and Joseph

The Annunciation


The Nativity

The Boy Jesus in the Temple

The Wedding at Cana

Palm Sunday
Jesus Meets His Mother



St Theresa the Little Flower & St. Rita

St. Mary Margaret Aloque & St. Joan of Arc

St. Mary in Memphis, TN

Relic of St. Mary Magdalen - St. Dominic Priory

On March 22, 2013, I was able to attend evening prayer at the new St. Dominic Priory.  This is the house of study for the Dominican Order and is what used to be in a Catholic Girls' High School.

Evening prayer was chanted, which I thought was really cool.  There was a talk by a sister about how Jesus is our friend, but I've misplaced my notes so I can't tell you anymore than it was snark worthy.

St. Dominic and Mary


View From the Back Pew!

Relic of St. Mary Magdalen

Up Close

Nine Ways of Prayer:  (I'm not sure about 5, 6, and 7)

Bowing Deeply

Laying on Ground


Gazing Upon the Crucifix

Prayer Posture

6th Way of Prayer

7th Way of Prayer



Priory of St. Dominic