Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost (& Found): St. Hedwig

I've already visited my grandmother's church and my father's (and my) church.  It is only fair I visit my mother's old church, St. Hedwig.

St. Hedwig was located in South City and you can see the spires of St. Anthony of Padua from the door.  It was closed in 2005.  My mother was in grade school when they started fundraising and then building the present church.  The fundraiser was called Pennies from Heaven.  My mother wailed for weeks that she wanted her pennies back!

St. Hedwig School
When the parish was started, the Church was the upper floor of the school.


This used to be a Polish parish.
The stone says
Kosciol I Skmola Sw. Jadwigl
St. Hedwig Church and School
The window is above the front door.
You can kind of see an H in the circle on the right.

St. Hedwig

Cornerstone - 1957


Close Up of Window

St. Hedwig from St. Louis Archdiocesan Archives
Pictures (interior too!) from Built St. Louis
Pictures from Rome of the West

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