Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friday - Our Lady of Providence

For the Good Friday Liturgy on April 2, 2010, I attended the 5:30 pm Service at Our Lady of Providence in Crestwood.

Our Lady of Providence is a modern church shaped like a rectangle.  The altar is in the center of the long side, with the pews fanned out around it.  It was about 75% full, which was surprising given the odd start time.

Opening:  Silence
Responsorial Psalm:  Father Mercy (a song based on Psalm 31)
Veneration of Cross:  Take My Mother Home, It Was For Me, Behold the Wood, Jesus Remember Me
Communion:  Were You There
Closing:  Silence

The big features of the Good Friday liturgy is a reading of the Passion of Our Lord and the Veneration of the Cross.  Well, and there's no Consecration. The reading of the Passion was different from what I'm used to.  The reading was chunked and different lectors read each part, except for Jesus, which was read by the priest.  Every so often the congregation, mainly the choir because no one knew when, would sing "Father I put My Life in Your Hands."  It was I think the first time the congregation didn't take the part of the crowd.  I always thought the reason the people had the lines they did (Crucify Him! etc) was to represent how we reject Jesus in our own lives.

The other big feature is venerating the Cross.  Father processed up the main aisle holding the Crucifix and sang "This is the wood of the cross" and we responded "Come let us worship."  Then we all processed and kissed the Crucifix.  I have to say...I still think this is creepy.  Maybe I'd be more comfortable(?) with it if it wasn't a Crucifix but just a plain Cross.

Father's homily focused on "It is finished" and "I thirst." Although "It is finished" seems like a cry of despair, it is really a cry of victory.  Jesus has accomplished everything that God wanted Him to.  Jesus did this out of love and gave us the gift of redemption.  "I thirst"--Jesus yearns and thirsts for us and our love.  The Cross is a victory for Redemption.  Venerating the Cross should be an expression of our gratitude and compassion for His suffering for us.

Father sang the opening prayer and the intercessions!  The Our Father was also sung.

It was a very lovely Liturgy.

The Bell Tower

The plaque has the Mass times carved on it...


Cross Window

View from the Back Pew!
Why yes, the roof is metal and resembles a warehouse...

Mary and Infant Jesus Wall Quilt

Our Lady of Providence

The Eighth Station
(These are the same stations as at Holy Infant)

Jesus and Zaccheus
For some reason, this was my favorite Gospel story as a child.  
Maybe because I'm short....
The windows, though small (and modernish), were simply beautiful.

Jesus Washing the Feet of the Apostles

He has Risen!

They knew Him in the breaking of the bread...

Our Lady of Providence Website


  1. You missed the finest aspect of this church: the glorious Martin Ott organ. There are perhaps one or two other Catholic Churches in St. Louis with an organ as fine as this one. Despite the " Our Lady of Dierberg's" strip mall appearance of the building, the acoustics are lovely.

  2. It's in the back pew view...I thought the organ was interesting shape wise. But what does it matter what kind of organ it is, if it isn't used? They used a grand piano...