Sunday, May 2, 2010

St. Clement of Rome - Des Peres

Hello! Hope we all have a good May!

I overslept this morning (hanging out with Mark from Rome of the West to take night pictures.....) so wasn't able to go to the Church I planned on this morning.   For May 2, 2010 I attended the 11 am Eucharistic Celebration at St. Clement of Rome in Des Peres MO.

St. Clement of Rome is a circular church, built in 1965 with the pews fanned around the sanctuary.  It looks odd from the outside but actually isn't too bad on the inside.  The windows are streaks of colored glass.  I wonder if they are supposed to represent sunrise and day or something similar.  They were orange, red, yellow, blue and purple but no green.

The choir was very lovely this morning and accompanied by either the organ or the piano.  The music:
Opening:  The Strife is O'er
Offertory:  sung by the choir..Alleluia, Christ is Risen, Shout for Joy to the tune of Joyful Joyful. (with a bell or two)
Communion:  We Have Been Told and One Bread, One Body
Closing:  They'll Know We Are Christians
Gloria:  Mass of Light
Mass:  Mass of Creation
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 118:  This is the Day the Lord Has Made, Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad.  The preferred psalm was Psalm 145 but this was okay.

There wasn't a homily perse.  Father tied the video we watched about the ACA to seeing the Victory of Christ here and now.  The Victory of Christ is spreading God's Love and participating in good works.  The video itself was very nice.  I recognized many of the Churches.  My favorite Newman Center was featured and my favorite priest (Hi Fr. B!) was the last shot in the video and really made it.

Father was very reverent, if a little soft-spoken, and there were bells at the Consecration.

Also, congrats to the transitional deacon (and all the seminarians), who graduates from Kenrick-Glennon Seminary on Friday and will be ordained in a month.  Good luck in Iowa!

St. Clement of Rome Exterior

On the front of the Church


Mary Garden

Holy Family
Outside the Main Doors
Looks like Mary and Jesus adopted some more kids! YAY!

Adoration Chapel
(locked :( )

Windows of the Adoration Chapel,
taken through a window.
You can see the Fluer de Lil

Windows of the Adoration Chapel
The far window on the left is a butterfly.
The windows seem to be Christian symbols.

View from the Back Pew
Hey!  The banners match the windows!

Window opposite the altar.


Another window
See the little cross in this one?

Easter Candle
I love how it matches the windows.
From the back pew, it looks like tie-dye. 

The Eighth Station
The back is gold/shiny.
The color's off because of the light from the windows.

St. Clement of Rome website
Pictures from Built St. Louis

Hey all!  I'm looking for a May Crowning to attend (and then blog ;) ).  Can anyone recommend one?  Feel free to mention it in the comments.


  1. Immacolata in Richmond Heights has a May Crowning tomorrow evening (May 3) at 7:00 p.m.

  2. Rats! I have to work! :( Thanks though!