Sunday, March 7, 2010

St. Joseph (Croatian)

March is traditionally dedicated to St. Joseph, the foster Father of Jesus.  So this month, I'm focusing on churches named after St. Joseph.

Today, I visited St. Joseph (Croatian) in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis.  I attended the 10 am Mass which was entirely in Croatian.  So I can't give you many details like the music and such because, well, I don't speak or understand Croatian. :)

St. Joseph is an older church that was renovated sometime after Vatican 2.  The stained glass windows appear to be original and show scenes from Jesus' life and symbols used to represent Jesus.

The lector wore an alb.  The EMHC knelt at the priest's Communion.  There were bells at the Consecration.  The choir was in the choir loft and the music was accompanied by an organ.

Father said the opening and closing prayers at the altar.  He sang/chanted the opening prayer, the Preface and the closing prayer.  The Our Father was chanted by the congregation.

There were patens at Communion!  Also, there was no announcements (aka The Liturgy of the Announcements) at the end of Mass.

Everyone seemed nice and friendly.

Angel Statue found in the Courtyard

View from the Back Pew!

Close Up of the Altar and Tabernacle
The Holy Spirit better pull-up...He's going to crash.

Close Up of Window Above the Altar
Jesus with children

Jesus is dancing to Y..MCA
I think that is a Croatian saint on the wall.
I'm guessing the Croatian colors are
red, white and blue

The Eighth Station
Jesus Meets the Women

St. Ann with Mary
St. Anthony of Padua

I'm not sure what the images are.
(blowing it up doesn't help)

Jesus calms the Sea of Galilee 
(I think...)

This represents Jesus' dual nature:  His Divinity and His humanity

Exterior photo from Rome of the West
Information about the Church from the St. Louis Archdiocese

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  1. Yep, the colors of the Croatian flag are red, white and blue. Very nice job Snup. :)