Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish Fry Friday - Seven Holy Founders

Hello all!
I've already been to Seven Holy Founders for Mass, now it's time for fish fry to benefit the school!  It was quite delightful!  They also served cocktails.  :)  There were Tiger and Cub Scouts selling candy.  The principal Brother J was serving fish :)

No Mac & Cheese though :(
FYI:  This is 2 meals...

Cornerstone at the Entrance to the Parish

Top of Fence


  1. Nothing to do with this post! I've been meaning to suggest that you attend Tenebrae at St. Anselm at 8:00 p.m. on Good Friday. This is my favorite service of the year...very moving. The church is dark except for a few candles, which are extinguished one by one. The monks (as per usual) are all in black, and their chant is beautiful and haunting.

  2. Thanks! I had been planning on going :) I'm trying to find a Good Friday Service that will work.
    I'm also going to go to the Tenebrae service at the Dislaced Carmalites on Sunday night.