Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black Madonna Shrine

I invited Mark from Rome of the West to go to St. Patrick in Amargh and he was like sure and we should see the Black Madonna Shrine while we are lost in the middle of nowhere and I was like a wha (I'm paraphrasing....).  Apparently there is a shrine to the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Czestochowa, in the middle of nowhere Missouri.  I'm not to sure as to why it is there other than the founding brother thought it was a good idea.

Sign at the Entrance

Crosses at Entrance

Our Lady of Czestochowa

High Altar Decoration in Outdoor Chapel

Detail on Outdoor Chapel Wall

Holy Spirit
Detail on wall of Outdoor Chapel

View of Grottos

Other side of the Shrine

Wall of Life

Nativity Grotto

Agony in the Garden with sleeping Apostles


Mary Grotto

Our Lady of Sorrows

Assumption of Mary

St. Joseph Grotto with detail of Cross

St. Francis of Assisi Grotto

St. Francis statue on the path to the forest chapel
That black stuff in the background on the ground should have a bridge 
going across it...

Sign on the Path.
All 10 Commandments were posted.
At one time the Stations of the Cross were as well.
Some are still standing...some are not.

Silence, Prayer and Meditation

Mercy burned into the tree.

Forest Chapel

FYI:  The Shrine is rocky, hilly (steep) and muddy.  Don't wear heels or shoes you would miss if mud claimed them.  The forest chapel is in the middle of the woods with a path that is slowly disappearing.  Many of the bridges that cross over streams have been washed away.  This would a be a great project for a Scout troop to come help out.

Website of the Shrine
Pictures by Rome of the West

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