Friday, March 12, 2010

Lost (& Found): Our Lady of Covadonga

Back when my grandmother was alive, my family had a small problem.  My grandmother was born back in  the days when birth certificates were not always given.  This became a problem when my grandmother suddenly needed ID after 9/11.  For those without a birth certificate who were born before a certain year, a baptismal certificate or record would be acceptable.  No problem.  My family went to our parish (St. Boniface) and my grandmother was not in the baptismal register.  Oh dear.  Someone suggested we look in the baptismal registers of the two parishes that were folded into St. Boniface.  My grandmother was baptized at Our Lady of Covadonga.  To which my family responded:  Our Lady of WHO/WHAT?  (Interesting side note:  the priest who baptized my grandmother didn't write her name in the register correctly.  My grandmother's name was Juanita, the baptismal register had JoAnne.  Ironically, the same thing was done with her sister.)

Our Lady of Covadonga was open from 1915-1932 and was staffed initially by Jesuits.  It was a Mexican/Spanish mission.  The building that used to be Our Lady of Covadonga is a some kind of Christian Church now.

I did look for a cornerstone.  No luck.

Pictures (taken March 11, 2010)

The Church.
You can see some of the windows have been bricked up.

Cross Window

Cross up close

Crown in a window.
Looks Marian-ish to me.

I'm guessing this was the rectory.
It's attached to the church building.

Info from St. Louis Archdiocese Archives
Our Lady of Covadonga Info:  here and picture of shrine

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