Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Square Fish Season!!!

Hi all.
Lent begins next week with Ash Wednesday.  And you know what the best part of Lent is?  FISH FRIES!!!!!!  Last year I took my god-daughters all around the archdiocese for fish, which they call square fish.  They have asked to go again this year.

I need your help St. Louis readers.  Where should we go?  I need a spot in North County (around UMSL) for Ash Wednesday and then a place for all the Fridays in Lent.  Sammy really wants fish nuggets, so if your place is having them, please drop me a line in the comment box!

If you could drop me a line in the comment box with the details or a link to the details, I'll start a section on the side bar for St. Louis Fish Fries.

Thanks bunches.

OH! I nearly forgot.  I'd like to blog special events that happen primarily during Lent, such as Stations of the Cross.  If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!


  1. I'm guessing you won't have much luck finding a fish fry on Ash Wednesday since it is a day of fasting. I hope you do get to enjoy the Friday fish fries. I'm not into fish and have not been in a parish with a fish fry.

  2. Two things came to mind that you might check out this lent:

    1) The Chrism Mass. This mass is on Holy Thursday at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (Usually at 10:00 am). This is the mass where the Archbishop will bless the Oil of the Sick and the Oil of the Catechumens. He will also consecrate the Sacred Chrism.

    2) Tenebrae. For the best description of Tenebrae, I would suggest you check out Jeff Geerlings website.


    PS Thanks for writing this blog. I have been enjoying it since I heard about it. As a music director, I enjoy hearing what others are doing. I'm also, glad you were charitable when writing about my parish.

  3. I've already taken Holy Thursday off! I'm ready! I really want to see a tenbrae service as well.
    WOOT! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Now I'm curious as to what your parish is :)