Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sacred Heart - Ozora

Good Sunday to you all!

I headed south this week to Sacred Heart in Ozora.  There are still parishes further south!  I attended the 9:30 Mass on June 27.

Sacred Heart is a small older church built in 1921.  Mass was about half full.

Before Mass, the organ played.
The Music:
Opening:  For You Are My God
Offertory:  Blest Be the Lord
Communion:  Down In Adoration Falling
Closing: Though the Mountains May Fall

In his homily, Father talked about how he looks for a theme or one word that ties all three readings together.  For today, that word is Commitment.  We need to take commitment very seriously.  Once we make a commitment, there is nothing to go back to.  Commitment brings freedom.  The cost is secondary to the actual commitment.  We should not look back to what could have been.  God helps us to make good commitments.

I am unsure of what Eucharistic Prayer Father used today.  I looked at this site which has a great many Eucharistic Prayers and was unable to match what Father said.  He used the Preface about the Royal Priesthood.  The Eucharistic Prayer started: Father, something might.  After the Sanctus it was So Loving Father, We Remember All..  Then there was a line about the faith of those you only know.  There was a bell at the Consecration.

Shockingly...there were no announcements.

Sacred Heart

View from the Back Pew

Close Up of High Altar

The Eighth Station:  Jesus Meets the Women
(Question:  Who brings their kids to an execution?)

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Jesus says "Let's Hug!"

Easter Candle and Salad Bowl Holy Water Font

Sacred Heart Window

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Window

Mary, Queen of Heaven

Jesus, King of Heaven

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Joseph

Trinity (?) Window

Information from the Archdiocese

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