Monday, June 7, 2010

Corpus Christ Procession at the New Cathedral

See Part #1 for the Mass

After the 5 pm Mass, the Archdiocese held a Corpus Christi Procession.  As we processed to the first altar at the Archbishop's residence, we sang Christ is the Bread of Life and Eat This Bread.

Somewhere on Lindell

Benediction at the First Altar

At this Altar, we chanted the Litany of the Blessed Virgin and prayed to Mary, the Virgin Mother.  We then chanted Pange Lingua (in English).

We then processed to the second altar singing Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All and O Sacrament Most Holy.  

Altar in honor of St. John Vianney

At the second altar, a Litany in Honor of St. John Vianney was recited.  We also prayed for priests; for many priests.  We also chanted another verse of Pange Lingua.  There was Benediction.    We then processed to the third altar singing O For A Heart to Praise My God.  

I think that is Bishop Hermann.

Processing down uhm....some street being repaved
the street directly behind the Cathedral

More Processing

Incensing the Altar to the Sacred Heart

At the third altar, we recited the Litany of the Sacred Heart.  We also heard the Gospel about the Risen Jesus meeting his disciples on the road to Emmaus and how they knew Him in the breaking of the bread.    We also sang Pange Lingua again.  As we processed to the Cathedral, we sang Gift of Finest Wheat.

On the way back to the Cathedral

Benediction at the Main Altar of the Cathedral

At the Cathedral we sang Tantum Ergo in English and Latin.  There was Benediction and the Divine Praises.  To conclude the festivities, we sang Holy God We Praise Thy Name.  

Rome of the West's pictures of the Procession and info about Corpus Christi Processions

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