Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Friday St. Joan of Arc

For Good Friday, I attended the 7 pm Service at St. Joan of Arc.  I spent a great deal of the Service contemplating if I could fit under a pew... cause either Father didn't hear the sirens or he decided to press on regardless.  But I guess if you are going to die, a church might be the best place...

St. Joan of Arc is in the shape of a cross, similar to Immaculate Heart of Mary but the inside was similar to Holy Redeemer, and even had the same light/speaker fixtures.  Unlike IHM, St. Joan of Arc had a choir loft, not like the choir was in it though.  St. Joan of Arc was built in 1959.

There were lots of people wearing red, at first I thought they were supporting the Cardinals (This is Cardinal Nation!) but then I realized they were wearing the liturgical color for the day.

All of the music was acapella.
Entrance:  Silent
Offertory:  Sing My Tongue The Savior's Glory
Veneration of the Cross:  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, O Sacred Head, Jesus Remember Me
Communion:  Were You There?
Closing:  Silence

To venerate the Cross, there was a large (taller than me) cross made of 4x4 without a Corpus.  I have to say venerating that was less creepy than venerating a Cross with a Corpus.

The Deacon gave the homily.  Jesus asked us to follow him in His human ministry.  Every morning the disciples likely asked what Jesus was going to do today?  The Tridiuum is the core of our Faith.  Tonight , we look at the Cross.  The Cross shows Christ's victory over our shortcomings, over messiness (Christ needs to get busy cleaning my room...)  It is the ultimate in forgiveness, a horrifying act of forgiveness.  Overcomes the cross in our life.  Jesus invites us to walk in his forgiveness.  For us, it is not over, we can't let go.  Won't let things be over and can't let things go.  We are called by the Cross to that forgiveness.  How do we know to let something go?  How do we say in our hearts it is finished?  One small act starts it.

The opening prayer and the intercessions were chanted.

Afterwards there was a Tenebrae service.  That will be a separate post.

St. Joan of Arc


View from the Back Pew

Altar of Repose

St. Joan of Arc
Notice the missing candles

(advent was blurry)






Time after Pentecost






The Baptist I think


Baptism of Jesus

Website of St. Joan of Arc

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