Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Thursday St. Mary Magdalen

For Holy Thursday, I attended the 7 pm Mass at St. Mary Magdalen on Kingshighway.

The Knights of Columbus were there with their swords.

The choir and instruments were off to the side instead of in the choir loft.  The music was accompanied by a piano and guitar:
Opening:  We Remember
Feet Washing and Offertory:  As I have Done For You
Communion:  Supper of the Lord
Procession of Eucharist:  Sing My Tongue and Down in Adoration Falling

The Deacon gave the homily and started off with how he was bankrupt for words.  We come as pilgrims, like Jesus, a passing over.  As fellow wanderers to hear most powerful words in the New Testament.  We relive tonight.  It gives sustenance to Church in times of struggle and promise.  These are the oldest words (This is My Body, This is My Blood) that recount what Jesus did from 52 AD from St. Paul.  (I can't read my writing...something about proclaiming death forever?)  Washing of feet is not a cute part of the liturgy.  Only by doing this can His Glory shine.

Four people got their feet washed, 2 men and 2 women.  The chalice was kept cover during Eucharistic Prayer 1.

Because the Tabernacle was kept off to the side, the Eucharistic Procession just went around the church. It seems rather silly to walk Jesus around the church to put Him back where He normally goes.  It's like the symbolism was cut out.  Jesus is supposed to be gone...not chill'axin' in His normal spot.

Carving above door
I think it represents the story of Mary Magdalen washing Jesus's feet with her hair.

Station VIII
I think.  I'm not sure.

View From the Back Pew

Upper Windows:

Cross on the Back Wall
 Lower Windows:

Website of St. Mary Magdalen
Pictures from Rome of the West

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