Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holy Redeemer

Happy New Year!
To ring in the new year, I attended a midnight Mass on January 1 at Holy Redeemer.

Holy Redeemer is a modern church.  The windows are the Stations of the Cross.

The Mass was really reverent and there was no music.

Father gave a short homily about how Mary, the Mother of God, is the oldest Marian Feast.  Mary challenges us and there are lessons to be learned.  In the first reading Moses is told that we should be blessings for each other.  In the second reading, we are children of God and to remember our dignity as such.  Father then went on to talk about poverty of spirit and how God will provide.  We need to look to the prayerfulness of Mary.  We need to look at the obedience of the Holy Family to the will of God.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there was a gong at the Consecration.  At the end of Mass, the Prayer of St. Michael was recited.  And there was incense!

View From the Back Pew


Station:  Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Holy Redeemer

Website of Holy Redeemer


  1. The celebrant was Monsignor (bishop designate) Edward Rice! He always uses the St Michael prayer after the conclusion of Mass. A very holy and reverent priest. To be consecrated in early January 2011:

  2. He seemed very friendly and was very reverent as well. :)