Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tenebrae at St. Mary Magdalen - Brentwood

On Wednesday, 4/20, I attended the 7 pm Tenebrae service at St. Mary Magdalen in Brentwood.  It was different from the Tenebraes I attended last year.  Father started off with an explanation of the Tenebrae and how the candles being extinguished represented the apostles, and us, abandoning Jesus one by one.   Father read a variety of reading from the Office.  At various points, candles were extinguished.  The Christ Candle was taken out and then there was the loud banging to symbolize the rolling of the stone closing the tomb.

It was a very nice, solemn service.

Note:  There were many statues, but they were covered up for Passiontide.
St. Mary Magdalen 

Close Up of Painting

Window on back wall.
I think that is the Risen Christ in the window.
Maybe appearing to St. Mary Magdalen?

Station VIII

Website of St. Mary Magdalen Brentwood
Pictures from Rome of the West

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