Sunday, May 23, 2010

St. Meinrad Archabbey, Part 2

In Part 1, I had pictures of the Church at the St. Meinrad Archabbey posted.  In Part 2, I will focus on the windows.  And you get to play along as well!  I can't id all of the saints in the windows, so you can help me out!

According to the brochure, the windows were made in Munich, Germany and were installed in 1908.  The windows on the sides of the nave feature the Beatitudes.  The top portion depicts a Benedictine saint displaying that virtue with the bottom part depicting the corresponding scene from the Old Testament.  Then there are some words at the bottom, which are the full Beatitudes in Latin with the corresponding verse.

First the Rose Windows!
The Center is a hand with 3 fingers to represent the Trinity.

Going clockwise from the top:
St. Matthew, St. Mark. St. Luke, St. John
Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah

Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega

Window above Main Doors:

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

For the following images, I've uploaded the full size images to flickr.  If you'd like to see them bigger, click on the picture and it will take you to flickr. 
Windows from the Nave:

St. Gregory
Blessed Are They That Suffer;
Persecuted for Justice Sake
Top:  St. Gregory the VII
Bottom:  Daniel in the Lion's Den

St. King Somebody
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Top: ??  Has a coronet on.
Bottom:  Abraham takes Isaac to be sacrificed.

Peter Somebody
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Top:  St. Peter (???)
Bottom:  Job 1:12 and Job 42:10-16

St. Going to Heaven
Blessed Are the Clean of Heart
Top: St. Going to Heaven...maybe St. Benedict
Bottom: Joseph meets Pharaoh
Genesis 42:41-42

Close Up of St. Going to Heaven
Close Up of the Above Window
I like the rainbow around Jesus

Crucifixion of Jesus
Bottom: Adam and Eve being tossed out Garden of Eden

Last Supper with a Pope
Blessed are the Merciful
Pope crashes the Last Supper
Bottom: Tobais 1:2
(St. Raphael!)

St. Kneeling Guy
Blessed are the Meek
St. Barbus (??)
Bottom: Numbers 12:1-13

St. Ha??
Blessed Are They That Mourn
St. H...(??)
Bottom: Lamentations and Jeremiah I-4

Blessed Are Those That Hunger and Thirst for Justice
3 Bishops
Bottom: Maccabees (??)
Windows found elsewhere:
St. A
St. Alphanaus (??, sp????)
Jesus is in a boat on the bottom.

St. Lawrence and St. Stephen
St. Lawrence (left) standing on a grill.
St. Stephen (right) holding rocks.  

St. Bruno, St. ??, St. Francis, St. Dominic
St. Bruno, St. ??, St. Francis, St. Dominic

St. Sister and Bishop
St. Francisca Roma (?) and St. Bishop

St. Explorer and Bishop
St. Explorer (??) and St. Henry II of the Holy Roman Empire?

Pope Somebody
It's a Pope.

;St. Francis de Sales, St. Alphonsis Ligori, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Vincent de Paul
St. Francis de Sales, St. Alphonsis Ligori, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Vincent de Paul

St. Meinrad
St. Meinrad

St. Wolgang and St. B (??)

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