Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sts. Mary and Joseph Chapel - Attempt #1

Happy Saturday!
I'm thoroughly annoyed right now.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day so I thought I would go to Mass tonight, so I could go to brekkie with my mom.  I had to work really late, so I needed to go to a Mass nearby.  I decided to go to Sts. Mary and Joseph, which is now a chapel of St. Stephen Protomartyr.  When I was growing up, Sts. Mary and Joseph was adjacent to St. Boniface and there were students from Sts. Mary and Joseph attending St. Boniface.  We usually as a school, walked the 6 or so blocks to Sts. Mary and Joseph once or twice a year.   In 2005, Sts. Mary and Joseph ceased to be a parish and became a chapel of St. Stephen Protomartyr.

Because I've heard *rumors* I verified the time of tonight's Mass by going to the website of St. Stephen Protomartyr.  I checked the bulletin from last week.  I looked around the website.  The big wooden sign on the lawn proclaims that Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4 pm.

Update:  The plot thickens!  A parishoner of St. Stephen has graciously shared this letter she received from the pastor about the Chapel/Oratory.  Not to spread rumors, but the thinking is headed in the direction that there is no need to have a Chapel/Oratory and a Parish Church.  Guess I better whip those chapels out a little faster....

I got to Chapel about 10 minutes before 4 pm.  The place was deserted and locked up.  No signs on the door, nothing.  Thought maybe I was too early.  Then a few other people started coming one group being a family from out of town.

Why have a website with parish information if that information is not going to be accurate?  Why bother announcing what time Mass is in front of the Church if it isn't correct?    Why should I listen to anything they have to say...when they clearly aren't sharing accurate information?  It's almost as if one didn't want people to come....  

It's okay though.  I didn't need to have brekkie with my mom on Mother's Day.  I will just offer it up for my poor grandmothers who are most likely in Purgatory.  It's the Catholic thing to do after all....

Chapel of Sts. Mary and Joseph

Window on a side door.

I think this is the Annunciation.
The figure on the right looks to have wings...

Pictures from Rome of the West

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  1. It does say there's a Vigil Mass at 4...

    Unfortunately, I have no control over the Mass times; each parish controls its own listings :-/

  2. Jeff, It was in the parish bulletin from last week that Mass is held at Sts. Mary and Joseph. The parish is perfectly capable of changing its own bulletin. I saw it on the Archdiocesan website and verified on the parish website, as I've been burned before.

    BTW...the search function is wonky on the new site...

  3. There are a few bugs I'm working on... can you email me if you ever have a search go awry?

  4. Certainly. One bug is that it doesn't list elementary schools. You have to search.