Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Visit - Mount Grace Chapel - The Pink Sisters

Hi all!  I was out with my pal Mark, from Rome of the West, and we drove by the Mount Grace Chapel, where the Pink Sisters are, and being good Catholics, we stopped and went in side.  It in North St. Louis City, off of Adeliade near I-70.

Mount Grace Chape is a Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

Jesus and Bells

Ave Gratia Plena
"Hail, Full of Grace"

His shield translates to "Who is Like God"
Which is what Michael means.

Rose Window
There are angels depicted, with St. Michael at the top.

View from the Back Pew!
That would be a pink sister in the center praying.

The Cornerstone
D. O. M. = deo optimo maximo = To God, most good, most great
Christo = Christ
Deo = God
Regique = King
Eucharistico = Eucharist
Christ, God and Eucharistic King

Thanks to Joy (and everyone else on for helping me with the Latin!



  1. Could you let us know where this is? I've never been able to find it, though I could just be totally inobservant. :)

    Also, have you been to Our Lady of the Holy Cross on the North Side (over by Calvary/Bellefontaine cemetery, I think)? The Post-Dispatch just did a story about how they have a dog that comes to Mass. (Not a service dog -- just the pastor's pet.) Could be worth investigating...

  2. Yes, that is St. Michael the Archangel

  3. Our Lady of the Holy Cross is on my list for February. It is in such a bad neighborhood I'm scared to go alone so I have to find a friend.

  4. The Mount Grace Chapel is off of Adeliade. You can take 70 to Adeliade. Then turn the direction that is not the river.