Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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I overslept so I had to go to a slacker Mass!  (YAY!!!!)  I attended the 5 pm Mass on January 16 at Immacolata in Richmond Heights.

Immacolata reminded me of a cross between St. Anselm and St. Mary Margaret Aaloque and is modern, built in 1967.

Music was accompanied by the piano and guitar.
Opening:  Gather Your People O Lord
Offertory:  Here I Am Lord
Communion:  Behold the Lamb
Closing:  God Has Chosen Me
Gloria:  Sing Glory to God one
Lamb of God: Agnus Dei  (Latin!)

Father started the homily off by talking about Confession.  Most people feel they don't need to go to Confession because they are not committing big sins, like murder.  However, we commit lots of little sins, sins like failing to love God and love our neighbor.  As Father was giving advice in Confession, he said Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the Sins of the World.  Happy are we who are called to His Supper.  Behold is is word of embracing:  God is is dwelling within me.  It gives a sense of awe and makes you pay attention.  Lamb of God comes from Isaiah.  When we are called to His supper, we are blessed.  God calls us from our sinfulness.  God recognizes us in our sinfulness, forgives us and feeds us.  Our lives are a preparation for the Eucharist.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer III and there were bells at the Consecration.  It was a nice Mass.

View from the Back Pew!

This is from the original Church, which is now the gym.

Website of Immacolata
Pictures from Rome of the West

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