Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Year Reflection: Statistical Update

If you hadn't figured it out, I'm a graduate student in education with a background in physics.  I love numbers.  So before I write the actually Reflection for the First Year, I thought some statistics would be appropriate.

Churches Visited:
68 Masses at different places (no duplicates) in the Archdiocese of St. Louis
6 Liturgical Events that were not Masses (some are duplicates)
For a total of 72 visits; of 37% of the Churches! (no duplicate visits)

2 churches/chapels have closed since I started (St. Patrick - downtown and Sts. Mary and Joseph).

I've been to:
2 different college campuses for Mass
2 Mass out of town
1 chapel that was closed
3 Masses in a language not English or Latin
1 Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite
2 Tennebrae Services
2 Stations of the Cross
1 Crowning of the Infant of Prague
3 Corpus Christi Processions
1 Taize Prayer
1 Benediction not attached to anything else

Mass Details:
Of the 73 Masses I attended:
38 had bells at the Consecration, 25 did not, 10 I didn't record either way
Eucharistic Prayer
I:  3 times
II: 25 times
III: 23 times
IV: 0 times
EP 1 for Reconciliation: 1 time
Foreign Language: 3
No clue: 2
Not recorded: 10 times

203 different songs/hymns during Mass
Has heard:
Gather Us In 7 times
Here I Am Lord 5 times
Christ Be Our Light 5 times

Liturgical Shenanigans:
Dance:  1 time
Puppets:  None (I'm rather disappointed oddly)
"Deaconnesses": 2
Blue Vestments: 1 time
Number of times my eyes rolled during Mass:  too many times to count (really surprised they aren't bouncing down an aisle sometimes)

Note:  These statistics are subject to counting errors and should not be taken as absolutes.

127 churches to go!!!!
(If I keep this pace, I'll be at 100 to go on 12/31, if I go to Mass on All Saints Day (which is moved cause it is on a Monday) and 4 Christmas Masses...

If you'd like me to tally something else up, drop me a line.

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