Friday, August 20, 2010

St. Martin - Starkenburg MO

Hi all!
I took my favorite basset to a state park and on the way back, we took the scenic route.  We passed by a couple churches and to my shock, the doors were open!  It was totally awesome!

One church I visited was St. Martin, which was built in 1873.  The Communion Rail is still intact and there is no free standing altar.  There was a sign which mentioned Latin Mass, the next one being August 22 but no time was listed.  St. Martin was merged with St. Joseph to form Christ the Risen Savior, which I think is joined with St. George.  All of these churches are in the Hermann/Rhineland area.  St. Martin is on Highway P, between MO-94 and Highway K.

St. Martin
St. Martin

Crosses in the parish cemetery
Crosses in the Parish Cemetery
I thought these were really cool looking.
They seem to be made of metal.

St. Therese, St. Joseph, St. Martin?
It's not St. Martin of Tours, who is usually depicted with a horse and beggar.

IHS Stained Glass
IHS Window
Above the Entrance

St. Martin View From Back Pew
View From the Back Pew!
I love how the light from the window colors the columns!

Altar Close Up
Close Up of the Altar

Jesus with Children
Jesus with Children

St. Roch
St. Roch

St. Francis of Assisi and Holy Oils
St. Francis of Assisi
Holy Oils

Star Over Bethlehem and Holy Spirit
St. Luke
Who's Gospel give the story of Jesus' Birth
Star over Bethlehem
Holy Spirit

Eucharist, Anchor and Barque
Eucharist, Barque, Anchor

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