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Sacred Heart - Morrilton

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has a good year :)  I hope everyone managed to get their plenary indulgence!  (Quick:  recite Veni Creator Spiritus and pray for the Pope's intentions.  Then get thee to Confession & Communion in 7 days)

In the past, I've gone to Mass at midnight on New Years.  I was unable to find one in Little Rock.

I attended the 9 am Mass at Sacred Heart in Morrilton.

The parish is over 100 years old and the current church was built in 1982.  If you use your kind of resembles an upside down boat with a prism hull...It was very nicely decorated for Christmas.  I didn't see any of the netting that people are so fond of down here.

The music was accompanied by an organ and small choir.
Opening:  Immaculate Mary (everyone sang! contrast that with the Gloria, which only the choir sang...)
Offertory:  Tune:  O Sanctissima  Words:  Mary, Full of Grace
Communion:  Christ Be Our Light
Thanksgiving Hymn:  Away in the Manager (why?  Why?)
Closing:  Joy to the World

Today's Feast Day has many meanings.  It's rather a grab bag.  It's the Octave of Christmas.  The Roman Catholic Church doesn't celebrate major feasts with just one day but with an octave (I'm curious as to why...)  It's also the Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus.  His parents were devout, observant Jews and would have followed the customs and laws of the time.  It's the New Year.  Of course this is artificial, but it is a time to rededicate ourselves to discipleship.  It's the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  The Roman Catholic Church does not pass up a chance to celebrate the true birth of Jesus (Frankly, the RCC doesn't pass up a chance to celebrate anything!  We are a partying kind of folk!)  This is because of all the heresies in the early Church about Jesus' birth.  We don't need to understand, we just need to believe. Today is also the World Day of Prayer for Peace.  I believe the primary cause of all the wars and suffering in today's world is the breakdown of personal relationships with Christ.  (Hold on, let me phone the Muslims and Jews and tell we can blame the atheists! What about the poor heathens who don't know Jesus Christ as the Lord God and Savior???)  If we had a personal relationship with Christ, we would treat people better and there wouldn't be any wars (no...there wouldn't be any religious wars.  maybe.  There's still be wars over little things like oil, water, gold...hmmm although that does lead to an interesting thought experiment...if Hitler had had a personal relationship with Christ would he have been so uhm special...Maybe all he needed was a hug.... Did you know I hiked 8 miles today?)

Father used the Apostles' Creed (Very popular down here) and made up the intentions.  I have to say he did a better job than some of the pre-written ones I've heard.  He also used Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation 1.  There were also bells at the Consecration.

Sacred Heart 

View From Back Pew!

 I'm guessing these are from the original church.

Above the main Doors

Station VIII

Rather different depiction of the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart

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