Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holy Trinity - England

I hope everyone impacted by the recent snow-pocalypse is staying safe and warm.  That is what I love about the Catholic long as Father can get to the Church, there's going to be Mass.  That's what also miss about being within walking distance of Church as well.

This morning I went to Holy Trinity in England.  I nearly didn't make it because my GPS was confused and then I got lost.  (It's a gift.)  I nearly passed up the Church it was so tiny and uhm well...made by General Steel...(I'll give it a pass this time cause it is such a rural area...)

Music:  I saw an organ...but no one was playing it.  I can't figure out if the music was pre-recorded or if it was one of those really smart playing organs.
Opening:  We Three Kings
Offertory:  The First Noel
Communion:  O Holy Night
Closing:  Go Tell It on the Mountain

Father explained that tomorrow was really Epiphany but that because it was such an important Solemnity the American Bishops moved it to the first Sunday after New Years' Day.  In some parts of the world, Epiphany is like our Christmas.

Father sang the first part and the last part of the Mass and some parts in between.  He's got to be way past retirement age but is still a trooper.

Saw a star in the East, where were they from?  They came to worship the King.  Heard angels and followed the Star.  What star do we follow?  The Sun.  It gives us life.  The Son of God is our very special star (Sing with me...Jesus Christ...Superstar).  He gives us life as well.  Mary is a star.  In the book of Revelations she is clothed in gold and crowned with 12 stars.  The Scriptures are being fulfilled.  It must be the end times...few kings follow Jesus.  The riches of the sea...a sight to behold.  Father went snorkling and saw a barracuda.  Don't pet them.  (check!)  Wealth of nations.  We see that in our great Cathedrals.  That is what the Church is...the wealth of nations.  It is adoration of our King.  We don't give gold any more but we adore our King by helping the poor.  The treasures of the Church belong to all of us.  We are here to adore our King.  Nothing more important.  All the art is to help us adore.  He is present in the Tabernacle.  Politicians are liars if not with the Lord (Oh Father you were a hell-raiser in your youth weren't you?) We pray for their conversion.  Pope says we should pray for all the wicked and their conversion.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer I and there will bells.

Annnd!!! after Mass was breakfast!  Homemade Biscuits!  mmmmm  I'm starting to really like these tiny rural was delicious.


Holy Trinity

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