Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sts. Teresa and Bridget

Good Sunday to you!  I hope everyone is staying cool.  This morning, I headed out to Sts. Teresa and Bridget in North St. Louis.  Don't worry:  I brought a bodyguard!  He protects me from bad people and those who want to hug me during the Sign of Peace or hold my hand.

Sts. Teresa and Bridget is a lovely turn of the century church.  The parish is mostly African-American but the inside has not been modified to reflect that like other north city parishes.

The choir was up in the front instead of the choir loft.  Music was accompanied by a piano, drums and a tambourine.
PreMass:  Because of Who You are, I give You glory
Opening:  We've Come This Far by Faith
Alleluia:  to the tune of Amazing Grace
Offertory:  He Touched Me
Communion:  I Am the Bread of Life
Communion Meditation:  Give Us This Day
Closing:  Don't Pass Me By

Father announced he used the third votive of the Eucharistic Prayer III.  I'm not sure what that is.  There was handholding at the Our Father.  The Sign of Peace lasted 5 minutes and was a free for all.  Everyone was very friendly though.

The Liturgy of Announcements was really long.  They did recognize all of the parishoners that were recent graduates, complete with Nazi salutes, blessings.

Father gave a mini homily about how we have come by Faith.

Father's homily started with thanking God for Holy Wisdom.  God did not make death.  He does not rejoice in our death, He formed us to be imperishable.  We are thankful for the gift of life.  Jesus was on the go, on the move, fulfilling God's Will to be a part of people's life.  We see him preaching, in the crowd, on the move.  We are reminded that God does not rejoice in the destruction of human beings.  We must take this in context.  Most of us have experienced loss.  There is life beyond this life.  We are promised.  We rely on transforming grace to take us beyond.  We know we are not talking about physical death but emotional and spiritual death.  Moments of letting go.  Jesus was present for them.  He intercedes.  He healed them.  Our Church does that today, the healing of souls and spirits.  Jesus healed by word, touch, presence and intercession.  We know that the laying on of hands is the work of the Church.  That healing is found in Baptism, anointing, and in ministering to others.  That healing touch is with us today and touching us.  It brings us new life, hope and encouragement.  It is for all of us.  Have Faith.   We continue on to death and beyond.  Grace transforms us.  God does not desire the destruction of our hearts and souls.  We are made in that image of life to intercede.


View From the Back Pew

St. Teresa
Don't ask me which

St. Bridget

Feeding the Masses
Ceiling Painting

Slaughter of the Innocents
Ceiling Painting

Station VIII

Website of Sts. Teresa and Bridget
Pictures from Rome of the West

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