Sunday, July 8, 2012

St. Paul - Fenton

Good Afternoon!

This morning I attended the 10 am Mass at St. Paul in Fenton.  St. Paul was built in 1983 and is in the same style as Seven Holy Founders.  The stained glass windows are the chunky block glass.

The music was provided by a choir, organ, piano, guitar and a mandolin.  I think it was a mandolin...
Opening:  I Heard The Voice of Jesus
Offertory:  Eyes Have Not Seen
Communion:  Taste and See; Open My Eyes
Closing:  God Chosen Me

Before Mass, there was a mini commentary about pain.  Also that we should quiet our cell phones and our hearts to welcome Jesus.

The celebrant at Mass was a Bishop from Bangladesh.  He used Eucharistic Prayer II.  There were bells at the Consecration.  There was hand holding at the Our Father.  Interestingly, there were pockets of non hand holders.  It was about 50-50.  Guess that community thing isn't working so well.

The Bishop's homily started off explaining how the Gospel is about Jesus preaching in the synagogue in His home town.  The people demanded He read and explain the Scriptures, then rejected him, because of the hardness/prejudice of their hearts.  The same thing happened in the First Reading to the prophet Ezekiel.  In the Second Reading, St. Paul says God gives us enough grace to carry out the mission.  The bishop went on to talk about his home diocese and his work.  First he lectured us because we want cheap t-shirts, they all come from Bangladesh now and the workers get $2 a day.  There are only 4,000 Catholics in Bangladesh (I believe we have parishes bigger than that!)  They get along with their Muslim neighbors.  And then I kind a zoned out because he then asked for monies.


St. Paul Fenton

St. Paul

View from the Back Pew

Station VIII

 I have no idea what some of these windows symbolize...some are obvious, like the two below, the others, not so much.

Website of St. Paul - Fenton

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