Sunday, July 22, 2012

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Evening!  I've spent the day making baby quilts :D

This morning I attended the 10 am Mass at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne in Florissant.  St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is a wedge shaped Church.  It looks like a few others I've visited that were built in the post War Years.

The music for this Mass was billed as Contemporary Ensemble.  I'm not sure what they mean when they say contemporary.  When contemporary music is on the radio, the music is usually no more than 1-2 years old.  The music this morning was from 1966, 1976, 1985, 1986, and 1991.  They are playing 80s music on the Oldies station.  I expected Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Mercy Me and others like that.  I did not expect Haugen and Haas.  The music was accompanied by a guitar, flute, and violin.
Opening:  Gather Your People
Jazzy Lounge Alleluia (Give the Glory and the Honor...)
Offertory:  Shepherd Me O God (Isn't this a Responsorial Psalm)
Communion:  Like A Shepherd; I Am the Bread of Life
Closing:  We Will Rise Again

There was an introduction to the Gospel before Mass.

The Gloria was skipped.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation I and there were bells.

Father's homily started off with him talking about when he learned about preaching, you should look at the Scriptures.  The Word of God is to speak to us and if it seems like it is for others, then you misunderstood.  In the First Reading from Jeremiah, Jeremiah is talking about the failure of shepherds.  The priests, bishops and pope have failed us.  They are this or they are that.  Many people are angry.  It is the same in politics.  We have a list of complaints.  But that is not us.  You are the people who have come to pray.  I am the shepherd.  That's inconvenient.  How does this apply to you?  I'm going to reiterate what you already know.  There is 1 true Shepherd.  Your salvation does not depend on how well I'm doing my job (Uhm.  I disagree.)  You are loved by God.  There is 1 true shepherd that we are to follow.  We are poor imitations.  It call us forth to holiness and helps us.  We can do the things we can because we have a grace that is made manifest in the Body of Christ. Help guide the Church and its shepherds.  Remember what Isaiah says we stand in place of the True Shepherd.  If you find the homily relevant, really think about it.  If you find the homily boring, what homily would you give?


St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

The wall behind me has icons as well.

 View From the Back Pew

St. Rose Philippine

St. Thomas

Station IV

 The windows were repeats of these smaller squares.

Website of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

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