Sunday, February 26, 2012

St. Rita - Vinita Park

Good Evening!  Today I wanted to go on pilgrimage to Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine in Starkenburg.  This necessitated going to an early Mass close by.  I went to 8 am Mass at St. Rita.

Before Mass the Rosary was recited.  A synopsis of the Gospel was also given.

The music director was sick so everything was a capella.  Father clearly chose the music because they were old old hymns that everyone knows and are relatively easy to sing.

Opening:  Lord Who Throughout These 40 Days
Offertory:  Now Thank We All Our God; O God Almighty Father
Communion:  silence
Closing:  Holy God We Praise Thy Name

The homily started off with announcements.  The Knights of Columbus are currently recruiting.  Father recommends that all Catholic gentlemen should join.  It is the First Sunday in Lent.  There are purple vestments.  We pray, fast and give alms.  I hope you are all putting your heart and soul into it.  I couldn't understand the next 2 lines Father said.  They seemed that they were emphasizing the point about heart and soul.  We are in Liturgical Year B.  The Gospel is from Mark, but Mark doesn't talk about Lent.  So we have to use other Gospels.  We are supposed to give up as much as possible.  Jesus gave up everything.  Jesus had visits from Satan.  And told Satan to go away.  If we keep these 40 days scrupulously, we will be able to do wonderful things for our soul.  In the first Reading, God destroys the human race.  Things were bad, like today, and God lost His temper.  God is supposed to be merciful.  He has not destroyed us yet.  Father was asked why we don't hear sermons about fire and brimstone.  We need to be shaken.  God's patience has a limit (uh oh).  Enough patience to save one family.  God is merciful if we are sorry.  If we are not sorry, there will be terrible punishment.  He can do the same thing again.  This is a season of penance.  God will spare us in His Mercy.  (Father was hard to understand sometimes...he seemed to mumble).  Father also mentioned the parish would be viewing Catholicism.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer III and there were bells.


St. Christopher

St. Rita

ps.  There are a bunch more windows...especially with St. Joseph.  I don't know what blogger did with them....

Website of St. Rita

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