Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St. Margaret of Scotland

Lent starts today!  It's purple season!  It's time for penance!  I started this penitential season off by getting up at 5 am to attend 6:30 am Mass at St. Margaret of Scotland.  Honestly, I think it will be more of a penance for others to deal with my cranky butt...  I digress

There was no music.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer 1 (I think...well maybe not...I don't remember the rattling off of saints...It started off with We Come to You Father...oh I bet it was one of the Reconciliation ones...)

Father's homily was an analogy between Lent and Spring Training. We are doing the same thing as the Cardinals.  We are in spring training.  Our goal is to be champions in heaven.  We have to work out.  We have our drills to to.  Jesus set the training agenda in the Gospel.  Fast, Pray, Alms Giving.  The sacrifice may be difficult but we are getting somewhere.  Just like the players put on black, we put on black.  We put on black to get ready for training and to remind us of our mortality.  If it pleases God (or we please God) we will be champions in heaven.  (Do I get a trophy?)


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