Sunday, February 5, 2012


So...I'm getting ready for bed and I hear on KSDK about a letter from the Archbishop that was read in all the parishes this weekend about the HHS mandate.  What letter?  According to KSDK, I'm supposed to be fasting and praying for my religious liberties per the Archbishop's instructions.  There was no letter or mention of it in the parish I went to today.  Why am I finding out the wishes of the Archbishop from the secular media?

Oh and bears repeating...the Catholic Church is not a democracy.  And just because everyone is breaking the rules, it doesn't make it right.

Oh and Planned Parenthood?  I thought your mission was to provide affordable access to women's health services.  Guess if my private insurance covers women's health services, I don't need you any more.  Way to go in accomplishing your mission!  I wish you luck in finding a new mission!



  1. Loving your blog as much as I do, it's sad to see you slip into step with the benighted and arrogant ways of the Church's P.R. machine. As you join in distorting the administration's sensible health care policy, which stresses the fact that no organization has the right to set itself above or apart from the law when it comes to equality of service provision, you make a flippant comment about Planned Parenthood that is unwittingly revealing. You simply underscore what everyone knows - 95%+ of American Catholics use and rely on the health services the Church wants to deny its employees.

    Stick to photography. Your new degree, alas, has not empowered you with either depth or prudence in your wandering into political realms, Tina.

    1. S. Tolliver, Tina's oblique comments in defense of life, and against a death agency, come from the heart of the Catholic Church, not from a P.R. machine. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the heart of the Church. Through the Trinity we receive the gift of life. As Catholic doctrine makes clear, this life is not ours to discard. Also, as even Cardinal Mahony has pointed out, this health care policy seriously threatens our First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. The real "arrogance" I see in the conversation is in your ad feminam criticism of Tina.

  2. Well, I never claimed to be prudent. As for the Church's P.R. machine, yeah, I'm not so much getting into step with them as rolling my eyes at them. Wolf by the ears and all that. As if they couldnt' see this coming a mile way. Sensible health care policy? Please. This, what is it, 1400+ page bill, that one Congressman, said we'll have to pass it to know what's in it? That's sensible? I was against the health care policy before that. I'm also not to keen on the Federal Government telling me I have to buy something.

    I don't know what planet you are on...but the contraception, sterlization and abortion coverage required under this mandate is not "free". If you really think doctors are doing procedures for free and pharmacutical companies are giving out drugs for free, I'd really like what you're smoking and then the names of these doctors because I need to have my knee looked at. I know my new health insurance company is allergic to the word "free." My premiums are paying for all this fun stuff.

    Again, just because 95% (and where did that number come from) jump off a bridge doesn't make it right. Or prudent.

    It's not just the Catholic Church howling either. The Orthodox and the Jewish are howling as well. I have also heard reports of Islamic leaders not to thrilled with it either.

    And you'll notice, I didn't say one way or the other if I was for or against the mandate. Thanks for assuming.

    I'm all for letting everyone do whatever they long as I don't have to pay for it.