Sunday, November 15, 2009

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Crestwood, MO

The feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (also known as St. Elizabeth of Thuringia) is on November 17, so today I visited St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Crestwood for the 10:30 am Mass.

I was a little nervous about the interior of the Church, given that the exterior is different, with a giant steel structure that looks like either spider legs, alien legs or the claw from Toy Story.  The Church is very modern, I'm guessing built in the late 1950s.  However, the interior was very nice. It was simple and plain, but not ugly.  Mass was relatively well attended (~75% full) with a mix of various ages, including children.

Before Mass, the parish watched the Faith for the Future Seminary Campaign video.

As there was no choir loft, the choir was in the front on the right side.  The choir was accompanied by either a piano or an organ depending on the song.  The choir prayed together before Mass.

The music:
Opening:  Seek Ye First
Offertory:  We Remember
Communion:  We Will Rise Again and For the Fruits of His Creation
Closing:  Sent Forth By God's Blessing

The Responsorial Psalm was again substituted this week with Center of My Life.  The "approved" Psalm was Psalm 16: 5, 8, 9-10, 11.  The versus for Center of My Life are based on Psalm 16: 1-2, 7-11, which if you ask me, is close enough for jazz.

Father's homily was probably one of the best I've heard yet.  I was a little nervous because he started talking about the sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati"  Father mentioned that the Sunday radio programs featured ministers who preached about the end times.  Basically, we don't know what and when the end times are.  All we can control is what we do today and tomorrow; our choices essentially.  The object of Christian Life is to get up and do it a little better each day.  The homily then progressed to discuss the Mass and how it was central to our lives.  Without the Eucharist, there is no meaning to everything else.  This is because Mass is a transhistorical event, it is the beginning and end of Christian Life.    The Eucharist is the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, it is a Eschatological event.  Essentially, Mass is and should be the center of our lives as Christians.

Father said Mass incredibly reverently.  Father seems to be attempting to bring more reverence into the parish Masses.  The Confiteor was said.  Father has also set a crucifix on the altar, to simulate ad orientem worship.  Additionally, Father used Eucharistic Prayer I with accompanying gestures and bows.   The chalice was kept covered and Father cleaned up all the cups the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion used.


St. Elizabeth of Hungary
The claw, the claw is my Master.  (From Toy Story)

Little Prayer Garden
Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
Rustic Cross

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

View from the Back Pew!
Note:  The screen was there for the seminary campaign video.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Window
I wonder why they don't have her in the window?
All of the windows are in this style..full of symbols.

St. Dominic Window

Fish Ambo

Saint Mosaic on right side of Sanctuary

Saint mosaic on left side of Sanctuary

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Website


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  3. I've been in parishes with that type of window, and was told that they could not afford more complex windows.

  4. Lavona,
    That is an interesting observation and most likely correct. I imagine starting a new parish from the ground up is quite expensive. The windows weren't bad or anything, I've just never seen windows quite like them before. I've either seen the very abstract windows, the saints in the window, or the multi-colored panes. The way the windows are framed it is likely the words started out as place holders with the intention to be replaced when the parish had more funds.