Sunday, August 26, 2012

Christ the Savior - Brewer

Good Evening All.
I hope you are all staying dry.  Hard to believe in a month this little adventure will be over with!

This morning I headed down to Brewer to attend the 8 am Mass at Christ the Savior.

It's a small Church and it reminded me vaguely of something.  It dawned on me about half way through Mass that it was vaguely similar to the gym at Immaculate Heart of Mary, which used to be the church.

There was a small electric console in the front.  Unfortunately no one was there to play it.
The music:
Opening:  All the Earth
Offertory:  Be Not Afraid
Communion:  silence
Closing:  Alleluia!  Sing to Jesus
The Our Father was sung however.

For the past five Sundays we have been hearing from the Gospel of John and the Bread of Life discourse.  We have heard at the beginning Jesus literally feeding the crowd.  Gradually we have been moved to be being fed spiritually.  We are fed in many ways.  Physically, psychologically, emotionally and finally spiritually.  We need these ways to nourish and grow.  This week the discourse ends and we go back to the Gospel of Mark.  It has come down to the last straw.  The disciples are grumbling that this saying is hard.  Last week it was My Flesh is real food and My Blood is real drink and I am the Bread of Life.  Now they are saying this is hard.  The disciples are beginning to question and many left.  We know this in our head, but it is hard to get in our hearts.  Love your enemies, pray for your persecuted.  I know what that means but how do I do that?  Peter asks when do I forgive, seven times and Jesus says seventy times seventy times.  Many sayings challenge you.  Do I really want to do this?  Do I want to pick up my cross and carry it (Sure.  As long as I can do it with ill grace :P )  These are hard things.  I understand them, how do I bring them into my life.  In the First Reading Joshua asks the people who they are going to serve.  As for Joshua, he and his house will serve the Lord.  Jesus turns to the Twelve and asks do you want to leave?  Peter asks "To whom shall we go?" (HEY!  I recognize's Cardinal Dolan's motto thing...)  People who leave the Church do not leave because of Christ, but for other excuses.  As Church, we are human; it is not perfect.  There are hurts within any relationships.  Sayings are hard.  Who can accept them?  (Speaking of hard sayings, notice how nothing was said of the 2nd Reading....)

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II.


Information from the St. Louis Archdiocese
Picture from Rome of the West

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