Wednesday, August 15, 2012

St. Peter - St. Charles

Happy Feast of Assumption!  I hope you all made it to Mass.  If you didn't, I expect you'll be in line on Saturday ;)

I attended the 12 pm Mass at St. Peter in St. Charles.  Since Main Street is usually packed because of festivals practically every weekend, I thought a Holy Day of Obligation was the best choice.  I also had to wait until the windows were back.  Apparently the windows were taken out and releaded.  They are sweet!

St. Peter is very beautiful and well decorated on the inside.

Music was accompanied by an organ in the choir loft and a cantor.

Opening:  Immaculate Mary
Offertory:  Sing of Mary
Communion:  O Sanctissima (First verse in Latin)
Communion Mediation:  Ave Maria. (Sung by the cantor in Latin.  Did a great job!)
Closing:  Hail Holy Queen

Before Mass started we were to stand up and greet our neighbors in Christ.

At the Kyrie Father mentioned sins that weigh us down but did not weigh Mary down.

The Homily was given by the Deacon.
We hope that one day we will be with Mary in Heaven.  We pray we will be prayerful and faithful followers of God's Will like Mary that we are called to be.  Every time we say the prayer Jesus taught us, God's Will be Done.  Our readings describe what happens when we do God's Will.  The First Reading has inspired many works of Art.  Mary is doing God's Will.  It is the first ushering in of God's Will in Jesus.  The Gospel is easy to imagine.  When you are filled with joy you want to share the good news.  Mary had to visit.  She is a model of charity helping Elizabeth during this time.  She had just given her foolhearty yes to God.  It is easy to see God when we magnify His actions.  Mary is the model of giving her heart and soul to God.  We can proclaim the greatness of God.  (I sort of checked out during the homily for some reason....can you tell?)

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II.  There were no bells as there were no altar servers.  In my day (OMG I'm old...if you were a server and at Mass and the assigned server didn't show, you were to volunteer yourself...if Father didn't come out and pick someone...)

There has handholding and hand raising at the Our Father.


View From the Back Pew!


Look!  It's the Holy Family!
And Child Jesus isn't making a cross!





The Chapel:

Website of St. Peter
Pictures from Rome of the West

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