Sunday, April 8, 2012

St. Sabina - Florissant

For Holy Saturday, I attended the Easter Vigil at St. Sabina in Florissant.  It's a very modern church and very plain.  I had a hard time finding the door.  I couldn't find an image of St. Sabina.

There were over 15 people baptized or confirmed!

The music was accompanied by a piano and a violin.
Sprinkling Rite:  Rain Down
Offertory:  Jesus Christ Rose Today (choir only)
Mass Setting:  Mass of Creation
Agnus Dei:  Behold the Lamb of God.  It was a song.  They started singing it at the right spot, then stopped and then started it up again.
Communion:  Out of Darkness
Closing:  Jesus Christ is Risen Today

For some reason, only readings 1, 3, 5 and 7 were used.  The first responsorial psalm was Send out Your Spirit.  The fifth responsorial psalm was Come to the Water, based on Isaiah 55.  The responsorial psalm was supposed to be based on Isaiah 12.  Seventh psalm was the song version of Psalm 118.  The Alleluia was skipped.  That's right.  Skipped.

The homily started off with the Easter letter from the Archbishop.  Using the New Roman Missal is quite a challenge (there's a snark here just waiting to happen...)  The red says the homily should not be omitted, even if it is brief (and this is the red that gets followed....)  Jesus calls us to spread the Good News.  We can become messengers.  We believe in the Resurrection.  We are saved.  We can rejoice and exult.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer 1 and there were no bells.

The lamest Easter Fire ever.
Alcohol on sand.
I have a mixing bowl bigger than that.

View From Back Pew



Main Window

Website of St. Sabina


  1. That's my old home parish! The Church is actually nicer now than it was 10 years ago—used to be a gym with pews. At least they have stained glass-ish stuff that makes the place look slightly 'churchy'.

    But it seems a bit Protestant inside, especially with the huge curved backdrop behind the altar. Glad you could make it up north!

  2. Thanks Jeff. So was the Church a temporary Church that become permanent? I kept looking at the backdrop behind the altar...I'm trying to decide if it is the exact same color my parents' living room is in.

    If I had to guess, based on the windows I could see, it looks like they have symbols of the Seven Sacraments in them.