Sunday, April 8, 2012

St. Andrew

Hello!  And so begins what Colbert calls the Catholic Bender.

For Holy Thursday, I attended the Mass of the Last Supper at St. Andrew in Lemay.  I have family members that belong to this church.  It is a lovely Church.

The music was accompanied by a choir and organ, down in the front of the Church instead of the loft.
Opening:  Table of Plenty
Gloria:  Heritage Mass
Feet Washing:  Jesu, Jesu; The Lord Jesus
Offertory:  We Remember
Mass Setting:  Latin!
Communion:  Panis Angelicus (excuse me while I have a moment of cognitive dissonance)
Procession:  Pange Lingua Gloriosi/Tantum Ergo

Father's homily started off discussing how the liturgy is so well known to Catholics.  We know we will hear the story of the washing of the feet by Jesus.  We know we will see the washing of the feet of the parishoners.  We are uncomfortable to have Jesus wash our feet.  Easy to get people to wash feet.  It is not so easy to get volunteers to get their feet washed.  You would not believe how hard it is to get people to do it.  ( is optional).  We are uncomfortable with it.  It is not about Jesus washing our feet.  It is about Jesus washing us with care and love.  Thursday and Friday are just 2 pieces of the story.  The complete story is that Jesus has risen.  The feet that Jesus washes today are put in service for him tomorrow.  Jesus commissioned them.  Jesus showed us how to do it.  We must give ourselves in love, sacrificial to each us.  The Eucharist relates us in love to the Lord and to others.  Love is expressed through the Eucharist.  May it fill us with a deep desire to serve others.  Jesus came for all sinners, sick, old, young, immigrant, the outsider, to wash our feet.  Can we do the same?  Are we willing to serve like him.

Speaking of the feet washing, they had men, women and children.

And onto liturgical innovation.  You know it is an innovation when the choir does one thing and the Deacon stops them.  At the offertory, they had a procession of the oils.  The Deacon explained what the three oils were and what they were used for.

Eucharistic Prayer 1 was used.  Instead of a bell, they used a clacker.

Outside Wall Detail

St. Andrew

View From the Back Pew

St. Andrew

The Magi

Preaching in the Temple

Baptism of Jesus

The Last Supper

Agony in the Garden

The Crucifixion



Station VIII

Website of St. Andrew
Pictures (and here) from Rome of the West

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