Thursday, April 19, 2012

St. Boniface - Quincy IL

Imagine if you will 2 people in car driving around looking for Catholic Churches:

Snup:  I see a spire...
RoW:  According to the map, that's not St. Rose of Lima
Snup:  Yeah, it doesn't look Catholic.  It looks like some modernist Protestant church.
RoW:  St. Boniface is over that way...
Snup:  We have to go see!  (drive)  Is it that one?  That back looks awfully Catholic and there's a grotto/shrine in the back.
RoW:  Indeed.
Snup:  It's apartments!  It's like they chopped the front half of the church off and jammed on apartments.
RoW:  Turn here.
Snup:  No way is that Catholic.  That can't be St. Boniface.   I refuse to believe it.  It's like 1930s art deco....
RoW:  It's Facist.  That's the style.  It's not to my taste.
Snup: ugh.  ugh.  ugh.  ugh.  I'll take a picture.  Maybe Crescat will have another Ugly Church Contest.
RoW:  Mormon or Catholic.
Snup:  I could snark about this for days!  And they only have Mass here 1x a month...for the youth.  About 1x month would be all I could stand.  I'm getting old.  I'm getting conservative.  WAIL.

It's a box.  With a stick.
I like the steeple.  Just not on my Catholic Church.
I wonder if it the top of the Chrysler Building.

This is a window.
I would like to say that Catholic Churches should not 
lead you to having to go to Confession.
Because now I have to go.  
I can't repeat what I said.
But this link might help...

I found 2 pictures of the old St. Boniface (exterior and interior).  This would be the kind of Church that produces saints yes?  Not an occasion of sin...

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