Sunday, April 1, 2012

St. Ann - Clover Bottom

Welcome to Holy Week.
This morning, I headed out to St. Ann in Clover Bottom.  It was such a nice drive; everything has greened up!  Oh and fog!

St. Ann is a lovely old stone church.

The music was provided by an organ and a choir in a loft.
Procession:  Children of Jerusalem
Offertory:  O Sacred Head Surrounded (Alternate Verses)
Mass Setting:  Heritage Mass
Communion:  The Summons; Hosea (with flute!)
Closing:  At the Name of Jesus

Before Mass, we were to greet our neighbor.  They attempted to give some pastoral reason for it, something like Jesus would greet everyone or community or whatever.  I was too busy greeting my neighbor to hear what was being said.  There then was a little blurb about Holy Week and how we are walking with Christ.  Not to snark, but perhaps instead of greeting our neighbor or telling us all about Holy Week, they could have mentioned, O, BTW for you CAPE Catholics, we've changed some of the responses.  You might want to grab the handy dandy pew card and follow along.  Yeah.  It was kind of bad this morning.

There was the blessing of the Palms but no procession.

Father's homily came after the first Gospel.  This was a big celebration time for Jesus and all the Jews.  They were waiting for the Messiah.  The Jews were just reenacting the ceremony.  They had no idea it was for real this time.  Not all realized that Jesus was the Messiah and was fulfilling the Scriptures.  We all know the outcome.  There is something more at the end of the week then chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chics.  Jesus is in His Glory.  This is the only time in the Gospels he rode an animal.  One day the crowd acclaimed Jesus, the next day they reviled him.  We are fickle.  We are all sinners.  We can put ourselves in the crowd because that's who are.  This was done for us.

After the reading of the Passion, there was a period of silence.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer III and there were bells.  After Communion, the children processed up to the altar and were blessed individually by Father.

Question:  Does anyone know who's having Tennebrae services this week?  I'd like to go but am not finding anything.  I assume the Cathedral will and the Priory, but not sure when....thanks.

St. Ann - Clover Bottom

View from the Back Pew

St. Joachim

Holy Spirit

St. Ann

 The Holy Family


The Resurrection 

St. Francis receiving the Stigmata

St. Joseph

St. Louis?  
I dunno...

Website of St. Ann
Pictures from Rome of the West

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  1. Tenebrae at the Cathedral on Thursday night at about 9:00 (the time is not exact, because it follows the 7:30 Feast of the Lord's Supper), and on Friday night at St. Anselm (the Abbey) at 8:00.