Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Souls - Overland

Happy Halloween!

This morning I attended the 10:30 Mass at All Souls in Overland.  Although the Church was built in the early 1950s, it has a feel of a church built earlier.

The parish has a good mix of families and people of different ages.

Mass was accompanied by the organ and the choir in the choir loft.
Gathering Song:  Table of Plenty
Presentation of Gifts:  Loving & Forgiving
Communion:  You Are Mine
Communion Meditation:  Uhm...something about Mary maybe?
Closing:  All Creatures of Our God & King
Mass Setting:  Community Mass

Father used the full Penitential Rite.  He also spoke all the secret prayers, like at the Washing of Hands, aloud.  For the Eucharistic Prayer, Father used Eucharistic Prayers for Various Needs IV:  Jesus the Compassion of God.  and there were bells.

Father just got back from a three week cruise and started the homily talking about how he had dinner with Methodists.  Apparently they don't truck with Halloween, especially on a Sunday, cause Halloween is demonic.  Father went on to talk about how he wanted to wish us wisdom and holiness for our Halloween.  We need to get over fear, which is a disintegration of order.  We should only be afraid of separation from God.  Father touched on the First Reading from Wisdom how it is all in God's Hands and we have nothing to fear.  The Second Reading from St. Paul has St. Paul telling people not to let anything frighten you.  Then we moved on to the Gospel.  Zacchaeus was not afraid of normal stuff, he was afraid of separation from God.  Zacchaeus was lost and dead to the community.  Zacchaeus is kept away from Jesus by the mob.  Jesus obliterates all fear and transforms us.  It's all about God's love.  We must respond to God's love and not be in fear.  We need to recognize what separates us from God.  Then give Glory to God and change.  God destroys fear.

The homily was okay I guess.  It just seemed like a lost opportunity to discuss/talk about what the Catholic Church teaches about any topic associated with Halloween like: death, ghosts, spirits, Hell, etc.

I'm still looking for Mass in a Cemetery on Tuesday, All Souls.  Let me know!!! in the comments. :)  or

All Souls

Mary and Baby Jesus
Dedicated to the Priests and Religious who 
Served at the parish

Baptismal Font

View From the Back Pew!

Mary, Refuge of Sinners?
Not exactly sure what Her title is here.


St. Joseph

Mosaic of Sacred Heart of Jesus


Detail on Communion Rail
Not sure what is being symbolized here.

Random Nun in the Corner

Ascension of Jesus

Emblems/Seals on the Choir Loft

VIII.  Jesus Consoles the Women

After Mass Post Hymn

Information about All Souls
Pictures from Rome of the West

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  1. The "random nun" appears to be Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini and the "Mary, Refuge of Sinners" appears to be Our Lady of Purgatory.