Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Lady of Sorrows - St. Louis

In the Catholic calender, September is traditionally dedicated to the Seven Dolors, or Sorrows of Mary. Since this is the first weekend in September, I decided to visit Our Lady of Sorrows, which is one of the parishes adjacent to my territorial parish.

Ordinarily, I would go to the latest Sunday Mass possible. However, in the latest St. Louis Archdiocesan Priest Shuffle, a priest I haven't seen since he baptized my sister (25 years ago) and knew him as a seminarian, was conveniently assigned Pastor to Our Lady of Sorrows. Luckily, I was able to determine which Mass he was celebrating this weekend. Unluckily, it was the 9 am Mass.

The 9 am Mass has a choir accompanied by the organ, both of which were in the choir loft. This is the first Mass I've been on this church-hopping extravaganza that this has occurred. Had I gone to the 11 am Mass it would have been guitars (YAY!!!), most likely in front.

For the 9 am Mass, the music was:
Procession: Gather the People
Preparation of Gifts: As the Deer Longs
Communion: I am the Living Bread
Recessional: God, We Praise You
Mass: Mass of the Visitation

If I had gone to the 11 am Mass, I would have heard
Procession: Lead Me Lord
Preparation of Gifts: Your Are Mine
Communion: I am the Living Bread
Recessional: City of God
Mass: Mass of Creation

What was interesting, is the Deacon was in a dalmatic while Father was wearing his stole over the chasuble.

The homily focused on "ephphatha", which is one of the few words the Gospels have that Jesus directly said. Ephphatha means "be open." Father connected this to one of the Blessings during the Sacrament of Baptism. In short, the homily was about being open and hearing the Word of God. Oh and for the cliche of the day, do you know what is in the middle of heart? Ear. We need to listen to our hearts.

At the Offertory, since it was the first Sunday, everyone brought their offerings to the altar, and their donations to the St. Vincent de Paul. There was supposed to be a special collection of Catholic University of America (Hi cuaguy!!!), however, it didn't happen.

There was a chapel veil for the chalice. There were also 8 EMHC (for around 200 people).

All and all, a typical American Mass I'd have to say.


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