Sunday, September 13, 2009

St. Roch - St. Louis

Jake, my basset hound, is having trouble with his ears. If the video otoscope on 9/22 doesn't succeed, Jake will most likely need to have his ear removed. This is beyond not cool. So Jake and I need the intercession of the Saints. First up, St. Roch, the patron Saint of dogs and dog-lovers.

On September 13, 2009, I attended the 11 am Mass at St. Roch in St. Louis. St. Roch is very close to Washington University and Forest Park (For really awesome pictures see Forest Park at Sunrise and Forest Park at Sunset) It is at the very edge of the city, nearish the Central West End. This is a racially diverse neighborhood, and the parish reflects this.
The Church is square-shaped with stained glass windows and statues. I wanted to light some votive candles but there weren't any.

Father wore a cassock and an amice (picture). Before Mass, Father and the two altar servers, one boy and one girl, prayed in a little side area. What was odd, was that the female server was wearing a cassock and a surplice. (My more traditionally minded friends inform me this is not exactly proper. I have to admit, normally I see altar girls in alb-like things.)

The songs were played on an organ and there were 2 cantors.
Opening: Let Heaven Rejoice
Offertory: Servant Song
Communion: Behold the Lamb
Recessional: How Great Thou Art

The homily was about the Gospel. I think the theme was about the Ultimate Questions in life.

There was no presentation of the gifts. Father said Eucharistic Prayer 1 (woot!) and said it very reverently. The Our Father was chanted by the congregation. The Precious Blood was not distributed.
At this point, this Mass was probably the smallest I've been to. Mass started with around 20 to 30 and finally ballooned up to less than a hundred.

St. Roch (plaque atop St. Roch School)
View from the Back Pew
Angel on the Choir Loft
(Remember, the Angels are Always Watching!)
Pictures from Rome of the West: exterior and interior
Pictures from Built St. Louis
Until Next Sunday!


  1. What a wonderful church! A shame so few people.

  2. I wonder if this parish is dying. I looked for a website, and they don't seem to have one (other than the archdiocesan template)...not even a downloadable bulletin.

  3. I don't think so. The school is going strong from what I understand. Many of the parishes in the archdiocese, especially the ones in outlying regions, don't have websites.