Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. Francis of Assisi - Oakville

Continuing the theme of asking special saints for their intercession for Jake and his ears, I chose St. Francis of Assisi as the parish to visit.  There are 3 St. Francis of Assisi parishes in St. Louis.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to visit the closest one in Oakville.  On the upside, it is right next to Oberweis!

St. Francis of Assisi - Oakville has a variety of music ministries.  The Saturday 4:30 pm Mass has Guitage (???).  The Sunday 9 am Mass is the adult choir, the 10:30 am Mass is the children's choir, and depending on the Sunday of the month, the Noon Mass is Life Teen Band.  This weekend didn't have the Life Teen Band, so I went to the 10:30 am Mass on September 20.

The children's choir did a very nice job!  They were in the choir loft and were accompanied by an organ.  The children's choir was all girls and were 13 and younger.  Before Mass, they sang Anthem.

The choir sang:
Opening: All Are Welcome
Presentation of Gifts:  Eyes Have Not Seen
Communion: The Servant Song (Two songs were played by the organ: Here I Am & Say A Simple Prayer)
Closing: Companions on the Journey

There was a squad of ushers who directed the late comers to open pews and to make people squish together in pews.  Needless to say, the Church was nearly full.  This is a middle-class parish and the dress was relatively casual (Lots of shorts and t-shirts, which given it was 65 F, seems slightly inappropriate.)

Apparently the pastor was on vacation, so a retired priest filled in for him.  I didn't catch his name, but he was 84 years old (!!!) and used to be a missionary in Bolivia.  His homily was very nice; he talked about masters and apprentices.  Essentially, Jesus is the Master and we are the apprentices.

Additionally, a deacon was re-assigned to the parish and gave his testimony after the Prayer of Dismissal.  Oh and before Mass, a letter was read from the Archbishop about stewardship.

Finally, St. Francis of Assisi does have votive candles (YAY!).  However, they were electronic ones.  You press a button and it lights a little candle shaped bulb.  I'm sure this is much safer in terms of fire prevention, it just doesn't seem the same.


Statue of St. Francis of Assisi
With the electronic votive candles

Stained Glass Window
(The others were scenes from Mary's Life.)

View from the Back Pew!
(Thanks to Mark at Rome of the West for fixing it!)


  1. I like that window. I'll have to go there and take pictures.

  2. The rest of the windows in the nave and vestibule are scenes from Mary's life. The windows in the choir loft, one was a crest, not sure about the rest. The others at the end of the T, were simple patchwork :)