Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints - St. Peters

Happy All Saints Day!
In keeping with the theme of racking up indulgences, I headed out to All Saints in St. Peter, because there is an indulgence attached to going to a parish's patronal feast.  I had forgotten about it, but I went to Mass on Sunday at St. Francis de Sales (they had pancakes...pancakes in latin are just as good as pancakes in english...) and Canon W mentioned it because Sunday was the Institute's patronal feast.  I also managed to pray at the cemetery right next to the church of All Saints...cause there is an indulgence for All Souls (tomorrow) for that.

All Saints is an older church that still retains it older character.  Father mentioned in the mini-homily the parish is 188 years old.  He mentioned that there were only 8 parishes older.  (Wonder which....)

Before Mass there was a meet your neighbor moment.

The church has a choir loft, but the musicians were in the left front.  There was a piano, guitars and flute.
Gathering:  For All the Saints
Offertory:  Blest Are They
Communion:  Litany of Saints
Sending Forth:  Lead Me Lord

The homily was about how is God calling us to be a saintly presence.  Father is currently teaching homiletics at the Seminary and thought he should give us an exam about how to pick out saints.  We think saints are perfect.  It is not actually Catholic Tradition that Saints are perfect, they lead exemplary lives but not perfect lives.  If we refer back to the Responsorial Psalm:  Oh Lord this is the People that Long to See Your Face.  Where is Jesus inviting us to the see the Face of God.  The Gospel tells us.  Find someone who is the first part of the Beautitudes - This is the Face of God.  Father mentioned another Gospel story where Christ mentioned the little ones, the little ones see the Face of God.  The people we help?  They do us a favor and show us the Face of God.  Jesus struggled get people to see God.  The face of unconditional love is the Face of God.  We have to be that Face of God for others.  When you look in the mirror, do you see the Face of God?  Where is God calling us to be the Face of God?  (wild guess...not making snarkastic remarks about homilies...).  There are people in this church right now who are hopeless and need to see the Face of God.  I am the Face of God for whom in this world?  How can I do that more clearly?  We are called to be the Face of God.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were no bells.

Lourdes Grotto

View From the Back Pew!


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