Monday, October 31, 2011

St. Paul - Berger

Hello all.
Before I was injured by a vicious pumpkin, I attended the 8:30 am Mass on Sunday, October 30, 2011, at St. Paul in Berger.

St. Paul is an old, small country church.  It was very quaint and very cold.

There was a choir loft, but the organ had been moved to the front of the church and to the left.  The music:
Opening:  For All the Saints
Offertory:  silence
Communion:  organ music
Closing:  Come Now Almighty King

Father was incredibly reverent for the Mass, even though it was only 45 minutes.  He used Eucharistic Prayer I.  The Consecration was in Latin as was the Final Blessing.  He chanted the preface and the opening prayer.  The Our Father was chanted.  There were bells too.

Let's begin at the beginning.  All authority comes from God.  Those given authority answer to God.  God expects justice.  Jesus expects personal authority.  Authority is service to others.  Leaders are to reflect God's Judgement, whether they be leaders in at home, work or Church, in this time and place.  Jesus condemns those leaders unwilling to carry same burdens as the people they leave.  Most follow laws even if the leaders are personal failures.  We all exercise authority.  We influence those around us. We should be leading others towards God.  (uhhh.  oops.)  This was an incredibly dense homily.

St. Paul - Berger

View From the Back Pew

Jesus in the wheat

Station VIII

Information from St. Louis Archdiocese

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