Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Lady Help of Christians - Weingarten

It was a lovely day to drive out to the country and this being the month of May, dedicated to Our Lady, I headed out to Our Lady, Help of Christians in Weingarten which is out near Ste. Genevieve.

I attended the 10 am Mass on May 22.

The Church is very old and on the small size.

The music was accompanied by a choir in the choir loft.
Opening:  Sing A New Song
Offertory:  We Are Many Parts
Communion:  We Have Been Told
Closing:  All the Ends of the Earth

Father acted as lector as well.  He went through the community prayers, such as the Our Father and the Creed incredibly fast and I had a hard time keeping up.  He used Penitential Rite B and what I think was Eucharistic Prayer II but he ad-libbed much of it.  There were no bells at the Consecration.

Father's Homily was pretty long and seemed to meander a bit.  Father started off the homily by discussing how John was a master storyteller and is able to bring the story alive and show the full power of it.  Philip and Thomas, the dynamic duo, the Bobsey Twins (who???), speak on our behalf in the stories and represent us.  Jesus seems to be vague in this Gospel.  Where I am going, you know the way. Most people are mystified by this.  If we don't know the way and where we are going, how are do we get there.  Jesus says don't worry, He is the Way, the Truth and the Light (GPS = God Positioning He's always up to date).  There is no salvation except through Jesus.  Jesus is the only one that doesn't let us down (You said it Father)  He is the Truth; the only thing we can count on (Can I get an Amen!).  There is no life except through Jesus.  Philip and Thomas set the stage for the teachings of Jesus.  To see Jesus Christ is to see the Face of God.  Jesus has shown His Face to us countless times, we just don't see (well, if He'd get Facetime...)  We have a very active and hands-on God, whether we realize it or not.  Wake up and smell the spiritual coffee.  We are in the presence of God at all times.  We can't recognize God's answers unless we look with eyes of Faith.  Many times we act like God is not here.  We are ever the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

I don't know why, but this Mass depressed me even more for some reason.  So much so I'm considering quitting.  I just don't see a point any more.

Our Lady, Help of Christians

View From the Back Pew

Holy Water Font
It's made of rocks commonly found in the area.

Window above door

Christ Resurrected, Victorious 

Station VIII

Stained Glass Window
I liked the tie-dye/swirly colors.

Information from the Archdiocese
Pictures from Rome of the West

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  1. Dear Tina,

    I’ve enjoyed seeing/reading about the various churches in our dioceses – through your pilgrimages. I thank you for sharing this with us.

    Mary Help of Christians, I’ve been saying the novena to our Blessed Mother under this title… she is such a gift to each of us – a mothers love that is perfect, as she is perfect. And who better to present us and our many needs to God, then Sweet Mother Mary – Help of Christians!

    Whether you continue to visit various churches or not, I think you must also pick a church close to where you are and attend there regularly. When you start seeing the same faces, meeting new people, and helping out at church with the gifts/talents that our Lord has blessed you with, then you will feel a sense of community. We all need this, God created us that way – He created His church, a community of believers – to worship together – to be a family.

    God loves you more than you could possibly imagine – whether you feel it or not. If you can, read the book, ‘Words of Love’ – from Tan Books. It is beautiful!

    Maybe get involved with an apostolate, to serve God and grow deeper in your faith at the same time.
    This is St. Joseph Radio - a local lay apostolate that I help out with when I have time. They are dong great things - helping share the Gospel!

    Peace & Prayers to you,