Sunday, May 8, 2011

Church of Our Lady - Festus

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning (5/8), I attended the 11 am Mass at Our Lady in Festus.  Our Lady is a modern church with stained glass windows at the very top and sides.  The church is in the shape of a squished hexagon, with sharper points on the sides.  The pews were padded in a mauve fabric and have made me rethink the wisdom of padded pews especially with light colors.

The music was accompanied by a piano/organ.
Opening:  Companions on the Journey
Offertory:  Eye Has Not Seen
Communion:  In the Breaking of the Bread
Closing:  Celtic Alleluia: Sending Forth  (Really?  It's an actual song?  I thought it was just Gospel Acclaimations)
('s Mother's Marian Hymns?)

The homily was given by the Deacon.  The 2 disciples had given up on Christ; they were walking away  from the Church.  They could not understand how salvation can come from the Cross; how victory can come from defeat.  But Jesus came and reawakened the fire within the disciples' hearts.  Each day we face a Cross.  What do we have to keep us close to Jesus?  Prayer.  Prayer is the source of life and strength.  Deacon quoted the Catechism which has something to say about prayer, as in we should.  We need to read and reflect to give Jesus and God a chance to speak to us, to speak in our hearts.  Prayer can't just be a monologue, it has to be a conversation.  Reading the Bible everyday is an essential part of prayer.  You should be praying 10-15 minutes everyday, not including bedtime and meal prayers.  (oh dear..wonder if panic pleas for help count...) and some of that time needs to include the Scriptures.

After the Homily, Father gave a special blessing to the Mothers and the Deacon went around and sprinkled them with Holy Water while the parish sang Prayer of Blessing.

The little kids brought up their offerings separately.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells.  There was also hand-holding and raising at the Our Father.

Church of Our Lady
Stations in front


Garden and Stations of the Cross

Easter Candle 

View from the Back Pew
(Beam me up!)

Baptismal Font
(it's a space ship...really)

Our Lady

Mother and Child Quilt

Station VIII


Window 2

Our Lady

Website of Our Lady

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