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St. Charles Borromeo - St. Charles

The Feast of St. Charles Borromeo was Nov. 4, so to commemorate the Feast I headed to St. Charles Borromeo in St. Charles, for the 10 am Mass.

St. Charles Borromeo is the second oldest parish in the Archdiocese.  The church itself is an older more traditional design that has been recently renovated, which moved the tabernacle from the center off to the side.  It looks like they kept part of the old high altar to surround the tabernacle.  They kept the angels too.  They bow to the priest's chair.  There was a statue of St. Rose Philipine Duchesne and Our Lady of Guadalupe but I couldn't find St. Joseph.  There was a painting of St. Charles Borromeo.  None of the pictures came out well.  St. Charles Borromeo appears to be a vibrant parish and has a Spanish ministry as well.

The music was accompanied by the organ or a piano, both in the choir loft with the choir.
The music:
Opening: Gather Your People
Offertory:  This is My Song
Communion:  Shepherd Me O God and Lord You Have Come
Recessional:  I Am the Bread of Life (Uhm...isn't this a Communion Song?  Isn't the last song supposed to be about going out into the world or the Church Triumphant or Militant?)

I thought there was supposed to be a second collection for the retired religious this weekend.  It was all over the Review.  There wasn't one at this Mass.  I really wish the Archdiocese would get with the program and get like Paypal so people could donate online for the special collections as A.  I don't have a home parish really, B.  I don't have the special envelopes and C.  I don't have checks.

Although Father used Eucharistic Prayer 1 (and bells at the Consecration), he added words to the prayers outside the Canon.  He started off Mass asking us to take a moment, close our eyes and experience (bask?, reflect?) the Real Presence of Jesus.  Additionally, I know that Archbishop Carlson said that stewardship begins with prayer, but I don't think he meant that we were supposed to insert a stewardship prayer into the Mass after the Intentions.  I would think it would be better either after Communion or after the final Blessing, or oh I don't know...not in the Mass?

I thought the homily was going to put me into insulin shock.  Seriously.  The first half of the homily was about how holy and awesome the St. Charles Borromeo family is and how supportive they all are.  The banners in front of church are the names of the St. Charles Borromeo Saints who are in Heaven.  (uhm....uhm...uhm....forgive me for asking, but, if the people who died are all in Heaven, why do we celebrate All Souls?  Uhm that might be too difficult of a question given how uncelebrated All Souls is.  Why do we have Mass Intentions for the dead if they are in Heaven??  Isn't it like uhm oh I dunno, unneeded then?)  Father did ask what we would do without Jesus Christ and Faith and then asked the same thing what would we do without our St. Charles Borromeo family?  It changes everything.  Father kept mentioning how supportive everyone was.  He talked about a parishoner with liver problems who needed a transplant.  The parish got together and had Mass for him. (Right, proper, laudable) The man received the Anointing of the Sick (excellent) and the people at Mass laid hands on him (uhh...germs!!!). Now he doesn't need a liver transplant (blink.  blink.  blink.  Please tell me he isn't implying what I think he is implying).  The Lord is working through us (Some a little bit more than others apparently...).  We are called to be holy ones and saints (but but you just said we were!)  Each of our homes is a domestic Church where we form our young people and strengthen them.  Father then quoted how Pope Benedict said that Holy Communion makes us a Holy Community ( I'm going to guess that was taken out of context).  The Resurrection is more than life goes on.  We are totally changed.  We totally become one with God.  Totally.  (radical dude) Facing death is not giving up on life but looking towards being one with God.  St. Charles Borromeo teaches us to renew and reform ourselves and then the world.  How can we reach out to others?

Since I'm already snarking...have you ever noticed that the parishes that are big into the people doing the hands outstretched and hand holding at the Our Father are also the parishes that tend not to bow during the Incarnate Phrase in the Creed?

Replica of the first St. Charles Borromeo
It's right behind Main Street, sort of in the middle, by Stitches.

Inside of Replica

The city of St. Charles MO is named after him.
They have erected a statue.
It's at the corner in front of the old courthouse, 2nd and something.

St. Charles Borromeo

Keys in the window
Epiphany blessing from 2009 still visible

View From the Back Pew!
Notice how the angels are bowing towards the priest's chair and not, say, 
the tabernacle off to the left.
The banners are embroidered (hand) with the names of those who have died.
They were very nicely done.

VIII:  Jesus Meets the Women

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
The Last Supper

Agony in the Garden

Jesus is Mocked

Scourging at the Pillar

Jesus Meets His Mother




The Gifts of the Holy Spirit




Presentation in the Temple

Jesus in the Temple


Mary, Queen of Heaven


I'm not sure.
It looks like an old priest giving Communion to a solider and someone else.

The Wedding at Cana

I think this is St. Charles Borromeo giving Communion to

St. Charles Borromeo Website
Pictures from Rome of the West

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  1. The window with the "Old priest" and the "soldier" appears to be of Melchizedek who offered bread and wine in the book of Genesis. His offering was a prefigurement of the Eucharist.