Sunday, August 16, 2009

Church Hopping Rules

All grand adventures need rules (subject to change, modification, and general ignoring). I've come up with some rules for church hopping.

  1. Churches I've already attended Sunday Mass will be visited again after I've visited everyone else.
  2. Only Sunday Masses, Holy Days of Obligation, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week Masses count. I'm pretty sure that daily Mass is the same at every parish, and the cooler stuff happens on weekends. Also, I want to avoid school Masses.
  3. If I have a choice at a parish of an Ethnic Mass or a regular Mass in English, Ethnic Mass it is.
  4. I will attend one Life Teen and one traditional Latin Mass. I've already attended a Charismatic Mass and a signed Mass, so I'll do those at the end again. If there are other types of liturgies, I'll go to those too.
  5. Parishes that have something special such as Homecoming or festivals or breakfast get moved up on the list...
  6. No pictures during Mass. (Unless glory hoops or puppets appear--then all bets are off.)
  7. After much deliberating, no names will be named. To protect the innocent, the guilty and the clueless.
  8. After even more deliberating and reflection, I will not be nit picky about liturgical abuses (real or imagined). I will try to find one positive and one negative thing, and will strive to keep it to one negative thing.
  9. Hopefully, no more Churches will be closed before I finish...but if that happens, I'll visit those first.
More to be added as needed.


  1. Are you going to include attending the Eastern Rites, like Maronite, or just stick with Latin Rite Roman Catholic parishes?

  2. Have already gone to the Marionite Rite parish...but I haven't gone to the Byzantine Parish yet.

  3. Hi, I found you via Jeff Geerling's Twitter and I think this is a cool idea! I just finished a volunteer year in STL. While I was there I tried to visit and photograph as many parishes as I could. It was a little tiring, but fun. St. Vincent on 10th and the Old Cathedral were some of my favorites.

    Good luck with your project. I especially admire that you are going for ethnic masses - I never had the guts to try one.

  4. YAY! Check out Mark has taken pictures of many of the Churches too
    Thanks for visiting!